Huawei Mate S in the Test: What Can the beautiful Chinese?

Test verdict: What you should know
The mate S inside a chic, sleek, almost seamless aluminium housing. Through the narrow edge is S of one of the handiest devices with 5.5 inch widescreen mate. The display has a high contrast and via touch – and knuckle-control, Huawei provides innovative approaches to the user input. Best price on the Internet: 319.00 euros * per order this product at Amazon high operating tempo sleek enclosure sharp display memory card slot faster fingerprint sensor contra not simply replace good users rating (from 3 reviews) not everyone can start battery test note of the editorial 2.49 something with the iPhone hysteria and long, there’s chic alternatives for Android fans. This includes also the Huawei Mate S, which is now also available in the more expensive force-touch version. But about a tenth less and a quarter it offers a similarly large 5.5-inch display as plus iPhone 6 S easier. That the Chinese can build very respectable aluminium cell phones, you have long proved with the Huawei Mate 7. The mate S joins the heritage and resembles the honor of 7, with which cheapskate are better served, the inner values because the mate S is a Nobel planing the Huawei pay themselves well. 649 euro (MSRP) the fun should be worth you for the basic model with 32 gigabytes (GB). Then, a tight aluminum case spans the AMOLED display. The top model with 128 GB and force touch costs 799 euro (RRP).

Noble metal design
Regarding the processing, Huawei has done a great job. The mate S convinced of all sides. The diamond milled edges were although again discarded at Apple, but the mate S wearing the shiny edges on front and back with pride and elegance. Although they are sharp, they do not interfere in the hand. The curved back is almost borderless processed and feels high quality. Only the sapphire glass lens of the camera and the new fingerprint sensor interrupts the back. The seams of the antennas are to see but hard to feel. On the front of the fingers as iPhone or Galaxy S6 slides without disturbing edge of the screen over the edge. The display referred to as 2.5 d is slightly curved at the edges, the frame comes rather from the Department of Tanga as from the Boxer shorts range. From the display to the outer edge, it just is 2.65 millimeters. For a 5.5 incher, the mate is S in an amazingly compact packaging, which however is still too large for one-hand operation by not Nowitzki paws. It is just a Phablet, measures 149, 8 x 75, 3 x 7, 2 mm and weighs 156 grams. But it’s ever chic. Thanks to nano sealing, the mate should be also splash-resistant S.
Full-HD display
On the 5.5-inch AMOLED display, pixel light 1920 x 1080, protected by GorillaGlass4. It offers rich colors and a huge contrast (2.111: 1). If you like, can customize even the color temperature the own needs. The brightness is still high with 426 cd / m ², on a bright day, it wants more is out there but. The screen is very sharp (401 ppi). Nominally Samsungs S6 Galaxys, LGs G3/G4 and Sony’s Xperia Z5 premium offer significantly more, but the advantage holds in everyday life within limits and shows up only when you work around the screen to the VR goggles or go to pixels with the magnifying glass on the hunt.
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Fingerprint sensor with touch control
Touch control allows you to quickly browse photos by you swipe your finger left or right over the fingerprint sensor. You can also check the notification bar, take a call, or turn off the alarm. The improved fingerprint sensor reacts also noticeably faster than when the mate of 7 and turned out in the test as very reliable. Convinced also the placement on the back.
Touch force, touch force, press touch
The label is probably still disagree at Huawei. The fact is that touch has sold Apple iPhone 6 s and iPhone 6 S plus first devices with 3D, but Huawei presented before this feature as a touch force, force touch or press touch. As for Apple’s 3D-Touch-Technologie, the pressure sensitive screen responds to the strength of your touch. Push on a photo you zoom, for example, approached. The EIA is then stately €799, ordered about about the in-house vMall shop instead of 649 euro. For this purpose, the mate has S then 128 GB memory. However the normal mate S gone ready yet in the price, that the surcharge will appear quite steep.
Knuckle control 2.0
With knuckle control 2.0, you can paint characters or characters on the display to run apps or commands. A double tapping with two knuckles on the screen starts, for example, the video screenshot function. Disadvantage: You have to remember stay the entire icons.
Processor and speed
Pace provides the 64 bit processor HiSilicon Kirin 935 with eight cores, which consists of two quad-core processors, of which one with up to 2.2 and one cycles up to 1.5 gigahertz. A Mali T642 is the graphics unit, there are 3 GB RAM. In everyday life, the mate sets a brisk pace on day S. Also benchmarks reinforce this impression. While Huawei’s handsome is not a high Achiever, but remains on rubbing shoulders with LGs G4 and Samsung’s Galaxy S6. It is faster than the 7 mate and even snappier than the similarly-based honor 7. The mate 7 verwachst at trimming a video, otherwise the Huawei trio is the browser – and operating tempo closely with a small advantage for the mate.
Video on the subject
If the Huawei Mate scores S only by his fancy metal dress or whether also the inner values are impressive, the COMPUTER screen test shows. Huawei Mate S: China Phablet on the test bench
The 13 megapixel main camera not a typo is equipped with an RGBW sensor. In addition to the usual RGB sensors namely has extra white pixels, which should enable a better image quality in low light. The camera is supported by an optical image stabilizer. The Pro camera mode enables manual adjustments for ISO, exposure compensation, shutter speed, white balance and focus as well as functions such as the grid and Flash focus-based recordings. In the laboratory the mate could not convince long S in all disciplines. In daylight, visible image noise led to the intermediate grade 3.71. The mate 7 comes here better away (2.81). Even in poor lighting conditions could the extra white pixels no more than a sufficiently bring out. The bottom line, the testers complained brightness, pale colors, disturbing noise, edge inaccuracies, blur and a few details. Good against: Moving objects have been held with little motion blur. Also performed well: The 8-MP front camera has a F2. 0-aperture and an additional LED flash. With an intermediate grade of 2.25, it belongs to the top three in the entire test field. Only the Huawei P8 makes even nicer Selfies. On the camera’s front test image (linked in the article) you see that objects outside the fixed lens, which is more than an arm’s length away are not sharp are represented.
Sound and reception
During the telephone conversation, the mate S showed a good sound. Even at the reception, there were no dropouts. However, there are gaps in the Wi-Fi. The ac standard and the 5-GHz frequency are not supported. The supplied headphones play music slightly distorts, otherwise the sound is good. Three microphones and a special algorithm allow the mate can focus S when shooting on the right noises and background noise are hidden.
Endurance: thin as the housing
The sign are not particularly good. 2.620 milliampere hours (mAh) the mate is not just overly equipped with S. For comparison: the richly stocked mate 7 waiting for mAh with 4,100. Case of intensive use the stove was off after the Our site usage profile already after 7 hours and 33 minutes. With moderate use the mate lasted 23 hours and 21 minutes S. The mate 7 managed nearly twice as long (14/43 hours). Accordingly the mate gets (enough) S for the endurance the note 3.52 and the mate 7 1.83 (good). Small consolation: thanks to quick charge has a relatively short pit-stop ranges from 10 minutes to refuel energy for two hours.
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Operating system and memory
The mate S running Android 5.1.1. Moreover, Huawei sets his EMUI 3.1 surface, widely adaptable. Indeed, there are so many options, that features some good hiding. Except for the sake of clarity, the function variety is still a problem: in the past the EMUI devices were not conducive to the early birds, if it went to a new version of Android. The memory is generous with 3 gigabytes (GB). The internal memory is 32 GB (24.7 GB available) and is expandable via microSD up to 128 GB. The Optional Dual-SIM feature, where you can choose between memory and SIM card, there’s no S at the mate.
Prices and availability
The Huawei Mate S is available with 32 GB since the end of September for 649 euros (EIA) in Mystic champagne and Titanium Grey. The 128 GB version with force touch will cost 799 euro (RRP).