Huawei Designer Ex-Apple Hires One to Renew Its EMUI Interface

In a few years, Huawei has gone from being one brand of Chinese smartphones to be placed among the large, literally. The company holds third place just behind Samsung and Apple and passes its next step to strengthen its position by a redesign of its Emotion UI interface.
Huawei proposal in relation to the software is more risky and far from what we know as stock Android, so much that sometimes are accused of too much inspired by Apple. And what they have done to fix it? Precisely because hiring a designer who worked at Apple.

Move away from Apple, with the help of an ex-Apple

Abigail Brody was the main culprit in the process of creation of iOS 1, the first version of the operating system that we find in the first iPhone model, and has now become part of the design team of Huawei with a clear mission: to turn the interface Emotion UI.
The idea is to get rid of this palette of soft colors and gradients to make way for a closest to Material Design appearance, also deleting the icons square with rounded edges. Another distinctive aspect of EMUI reminiscent of the iPhone is the absence of the drawer of applications. Huawei prefers to show all the icons in the home screen, just as happening on the iPhone, but this inherent feature of Android could reach its interface soon.
The update, which will correspond to the version Emotion IU 5.0, is scheduled for September -the date on which we could also see a new matte series device. Brody has just over two months to achieve its goal, but she doesn’t seem to feel depressed. As he assured The Information, just took a week designing iOS 1 bases. Now it remains to be seen what the interface of Huawei.