Htv: "for U" Announces New Smart Phone for January

In January 2017, the annual Consumer Electronics Show takes place in Las Vegas, shortly “CES”.There are always great technical highlights and innovations for consumers presented. These include, as a rule, smart phones from, which are to appear in free trade soon. Usually, manufacturers such as HTC are also represented at CES. The company from Taiwan will host an event this week, which will take place a few days after CES.

Own Event On January 12th

Last week, HTC announced that for 12 January 2017, a separate event had started and would like to introduce a new device. This is at least the general presumption. Why else should an in-house event take place? The teaser entitled “For U” gives little insight into what the subject of the event could be.However, the event would be the ideal stage to present a new flagship.

No More Detailed Information

The recently released teaser from HTC carries the beautiful slogan “For U”. We can probably assume that HTC is referring to us all and thus a product appeals to the end user. However, the teaser does not show which product it is. It could be the HTC 11, an Android watch or even a novelty to HTC Vive.Currently we can only speculate, because even insiders or other informants have not expressed themselves on the subject or even assumptions. However, HTC may be looking a little more in the next few days to increase the anticipation of the event.