HTC Revenues Return to Descend Sharply, 2016 Has Been His Worst Year Since 2005

The situation of HTC is delicate. Given the significant decline in sales in recent years, Taiwan brand decided to cut the size of its portfolio, launching only 15 smartphones throughout 2016 (and not all are available globally) with HTC 10 per flag. But that strategy can not say that it has given a great result.
Estimates speak of that only HTC would have succeeded in selling between 10 and 12 million smartphones in throughout the year, by the 18 million units in 2015, and in the absence of the official annual report revenue data speak for only. December has closed below the same month in the previous year and total revenue of 2016 is in over 2,300 million euros, the worst figure since 2005.
The month of September was a mirage in the direction of HTC in 2016. That month revenue had a very important rebound, probably by those coming from the Google Pixel HTC manufactures. But since then revenues have returned to plummet, back to descend over the previous year.
Monthly income HTC 2016
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The 178 million euros admitted by HTC in December made in 2016 2.312 million euros to build up, a figure really poor. The descent to 2015 is 36% and the fact is the worst since 2005, the first year that HTC provides data.
Annual revenue 2009-2016 HTC
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Is there hope for HTC? The nearest future comes from the new range of smartphones or presenting the brand this Thursday, while we hope HTC 11 to not take. Equally, we will see if the distribution of their upcoming phones improved in Spain, after having closed its local office.