HTC Publishes a Video Spot Dedicated to the New One A9

HTC One A9 represents your smartphone on which the taiwanese manufacturer stung in the latter part of the year, to revive sales and, understandably, is carried out the marketing campaign dedicated to it.
In past hours HTC posted a video spot dedicated to One A9 which, in truth, using sequences already shown by the manufacturer in the presentation of the smartphone, presented with a different mount, tighter and punchy.
The substance does not change much. The smartphone is seen clearly in the last seconds of the movie, that points more to convey the idea of the product aimed at the consumer lifestyle, leaving aside the technical characteristics.
An approach that used by HTC that undoubtedly has pros and cons. On the one hand, sets the stage to speak to a broader target than the so-called techno fan, on the other hand the latter category of users may not be able to go beyond mere technical characteristics, snubbing the smartphone, and thinking him a midrange sold at a price higher than the intrinsic value of the hardware.
The truth, as so often, lies somewhere in between and to get to know her, unfortunately, touch and use the device before you decide to buy it or not can be a luxury reserved for insiders.