HTC Promises That Their Smartphones Will Continue Coming to Spain Despite The Closure of His Office

HTC does not go through your best moments It is something known to all. The Taiwanese brand has gone from being a reference, especially in the world of smartphones with Android, the darker shade, with sales that have declined year after year (albeit with light rallies in recent months) and a more complicated distribution.
The scarce presence of its terminals in Spain, either because they decide not to bring some or because the stores already do not trust both in the brand, could be the prelude of what today confirmed, that HTC closes its offices in Spain. The news was vox populi since a few days ago, and now the brand has issued a terse announcement that says that despite its reduced presence will continue to distribute its products in our country.
We can confirm that HTC has closed its office in Spain. However, we will continue with our business through a local network of distribution partners. As part of the strategic program of realignment of the business, which adopts a more agile and austere model, this new configuration will position us to grow significantly in our central business smartphones, connected devices and virtual reality.
With those terse lines HTC justified the closure of the office in Spain. Known is that the company wants to focus on its business smartphones and virtual reality (rumors has been that the latter would separate) and recovery, for HTC, passes through folding sails and reduce its presence in Spain, as you already would in the past with Latin America.

Increasingly less presence in stores

The truth is that HTC has not stopped losing ground in Spain. A few years ago it was easy to see why the streets as mythical as HTC Wildfire or Desire phone users, but with the rise of Samsung and Chinese brands their presence increasingly has gone to less. In fact, if right now we consult online stores two chains that sell more free smartphones, We see a disappearing.
Today it is difficult to buy a smartphone HTC in Spanish shops
In the case of Phone House, several are models listed but none are in stock and in fact not HTC 10, the last ship brand logo is present. Something similar happens to web Media Markt, which only shows the HTC Desire 610, in addition to a very high price if we compare it with other mobiles similar.
With the current landscape and local presence which will have from now on, the future of HTC in Spain seems very dark. Impossible seems that their terminals gain presence in stores and catalogs of operators nor is having long hollow. Something makes us think that soon will be only via online to get a HTC smartphone.