HTC One (M7): 5 Tips For Photographing

Good photos with the HTC one (or abbreviation M7)? Does the main camera of HTC’s before pointing model from the year 2013 compared to the successor less well: in spite of the ultra pixel technology images come partially out of focus; also the color representation is to be desired. Nevertheless, arise good photos with the 4.3-MP camera of HTC one (M7). Here, you can find out what tricks can help you.
Take Serial Pictures
A handy feature of the HTC one (M7) is the ability to record a series of images with the camera just. In this way, you can search out the best photo according to the recording. This function is also excellently suited to capture moving objects themselves. To open the camera app and select the “Camera” mode. The camera on the object and hold the camera icon. Now up to 20 photos are taken in rapid succession – depending on, how long you hold down the icon. In the preview of the images, you can directly choose the best photo by you first type the image and then “best shot”.
HTC One (M7) 5 Tips For Photographing
Use Panorama Function
Through a pan, you can take a wide area, with the panoramic feature of the HTC one (M7). Opens the camera app, the “camera” mode and then the options to do this first by her taps on the three small squares. Now select “Auto” and tap the panorama icon that consists of a rectangle, is black in colour in the a square area on the left side. To take the photo, you have to tap on the camera icon that is separated by a slash of a black square. Well, you moved the HTC one (M7) right or left, to capture the desired scene with songs and lyrics. The app automatically adds the resulting images to a photo. Sure to keep the Smartphone in the Pan as possible on one level. Also note that you can not zoom in Panorama mode.
Better Portraits
You don’t care whether your self with a Selfie or other people want – to perpetuate the HTC one (M7) offers a portrait setting to get better shots of people. They can select her from normal “camera” mode or the “self portrait” mode out by her type “Auto” and then click the people icon. As in the other modes, you take the picture of the camera icon.
General Tips
In the “settings” show the “grid” you have the object exactly at the point in the image that looks the best! The pursuit of the golden ratio is recommended: the object is not in the Middle, but on the border two third of the image.
If you want to manually adjust the contrast, saturation and sharpness, this “Image adjustments” menu item you can do in the “settings”.

  • To record series of images, you have to hold the camera icon when shooting
  • The panorama function is particularly suited to landscape photography
  • With the portrait mode on the people icon you can take better photos of people
  • With a grid you are able a better image Division
  • About “Image adjustments”, you can manually configure sharpness, saturation, and contrast