HTC Has Something to Teach on January 12, The Strange Thing Is That Nothing Has Leaked So Far

In recent years attend or follow live the presentation of a new smartphone does not have the same grace than before. Rare is the phone that we do not know even the smallest detail before his gala coming-out day, or even know the date that will be presented.
And it seems that HTC has achieved this. The Taiwanese brand has surprised friends and strangers with a very brief announcement as well as mysterious. On Twitter have released the picture that heads this post accompanied by a very simple message “For U – 01.12.2017”, so the only thing that is clear is that on 12 January they have something to teach us.
The first thing we thought is that we we will know a so-called HTC U, a new smartphone that would open range, although rare is that nothing is known of it so far. The other option is the “For U” (“for you”) is a simple message, which does not refer to the name of a new device.
We could also speak of some new device related to virtual reality, the other leg of the business of HTC, but nor do we know anything outside of the lives. Another clue could come by this C of CHT on the side, which does not have the same color as the previous two. A mystery which, like afternoon, January 12 will be resolved.