HTC Desire 601, Analysis

The company HTC started the year 2013 with a completely new terminal, flagship, HTC One. It is the terminal which brought with it a remarkable renewal in design and a power that placed him at the top of performance about Android. As we spoke with HTC, this would be the beginning of a new range of products that reach the market to meet the needs of all users, in this case look at HTC Desire 601.
Today the technology 4 G / LTE It is taking off and HTC has wanted to present HTC Desire 601 as a terminal range that it offers the possibility to the end user’s access to this technology as well as to many of the HTC One 2013 line at a price more content.

HTC Desire 601, design

This terminal does not form part of the HTC One family enjoyed by design in aluminum, but it maintains the same line as it also saves some reminiscence with a couple of details from aluminium in the front, both top and bottom (grates of the system speakers HTC BoomSound).
We are facing a terminal has a screen of 4.5 inch y whose back cover with a rubbery finish also is embracing the same from the back, covering all sides, all with dimensions and weight of 134,5 x 66.7 x 9.88 mm and 130 grams.
Doing a quick review of your specifications, we find a qHD display of bias of 4.5-inch displays and panel IPS Android 4.2.2 about interface Sense 5 of HTC moved with ease thanks to 1 GB of RAM.
The computer processor is the same as the HTC One mini, Snapdragon 400 Qualcomm, a chip that integrates a CPU dual core Krait at 1.4 GHz and Adreno GPU 305, more than enough to move fluently qHD resolution demanding 3D applications (960 x 540 pixels).
It takes one 5 megapixel camera with pixel size of 1.4 NM, it does not to be Ultrapixel but it promises a good image quality, 2,100 mAh removable battery and also support of GPS and GLONASS signal.
As you can see in the photos from the article, we have tried the version in black, very elegant, but HTC has confirmed to us that to Spain arrive in white – the image on this paragraph – the part of the front speakers in silver, i.e. similar to HTC mini One.
At the top, in one of the micro-perforations on the left of the upper speaker is a LED notifications it Flashes as we receive any notice. It is a concept that personally I like, however, on this occasion LED you can only see a quite perpendicular angle to the terminal, ceasing to be visible if the terminal is supported to a table.

Physical dimensions 134,5 x 66.7 x 9.88 mm, 130 grams
Screen 4.5 inch IPS
Resolution 960 x 540 qHD, 244 ppp
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, Krait 1.4 GHz dual-core
Graphics processor Adreno 305
Memory 8 GB + microSD up to 32 GB
Version Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) + HTC Sense 5
Connectivity Wireless 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0 and aptX, 3G (HSPA +, up to 42 Mbps), LTE
Expansion ports MicroSD, MicroUSB
Cameras Front: VGA / rear: 5 megapixel, autofocus, Flash LED (HTC ImageChip)
Battery Battery Li-ion 2100 mAh (removable)
Access to Google Play Yes, series
Price 369 euros

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HTC Desire 601, screen

This model is clearly inspired by HTC mini One, with whom she shares many facets as well as design. However, we are facing a more content pricing model and that is located in the mid-range category. HTC Desire 601 mounted a screen similar in size to the HTC One mini, with 4.5 inch, but its resolution passes from 720 p to be a qHD, i.e. 1280 x 720 resolution pixels have 960 x 540 pixels.
At a size of 4.5 inch This leap in resolution is remarkable only for more experienced users as both the definition and the fluidity with which the system moves offer a great user experience. The interesting thing about this screen is the technology behind the panel, SLCD, that shows a high quality image from almost any angle and a few black with enough depth and, although far from an AMOLED screen, is displayed at the height of any equivalent panel IPS.
The brightness screen reaches one level enough even to be able to be used full light of the Sun, some thank and increasingly necessary.
At this point we want to make a small reflection on the screen size and resolution. Manufacturers have taken the resolution of screen like a marketing career more. It has happened with the frequency of the processor, number of cores, megapixel Sensors and virtually any feature.
We are talking about is necessary for a smarphone, device that we use a 30 – 40 cm of the eye, having FullHD resolutions. On TV we have a FullHD resolution, and we are reaching the point of having the same resolution on a smartphone that in our living room screen. To have 1080 p resolution for games, even higher than some games of last generation consoles.
Have higher resolution brings with it implicitly the need for higher performance for games (which implies higher energy consumption) and applications and not for having great brute power we have a terminal best, but they all must have a good balance. The Qualcomm chip is perfectly capable of moving this resolution and maintain a content energy consumption.

HTC Desire 601, performance

Many users say that their mobile quad – core gives a review chipset that mounts this smartphone and must take into account what chip talk. Lately we are seeing a great avalanche of Android devices that Mount chipset MediaTek MT6589, quad – core, 1.2 GHz or 1.5 GHz MT6589T evolution. In these cases, Wissler core Cortex A7 whose performance per MHz is much smaller chips competition that saw the light of 2 years and much lower than the Qualcomm chips that we see today with nuclei Krait.
Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 is a SoC that mounts a GPU Adreno 305 y dual core 1.4 GHz. Performance showing in benchmarks is equivalent, and even to something higher than the popular MediaTek MT6589 chipset, see for example the Bq Aquaris 5 terminal.

AnTuTu 14.985 points
Quadrant 5,916 points
Vellamo HTML 5: 2,259 points
Metal: 569 points
3DMark Ice Storm (720 p): 5,131
Ice Storm Extreme (1080 p): 2.574
Ice Storm Unlimited: 4.262
EPIC Citadel High performance: 58.4 FPS @ 960 x 544
High quality: 57.6 FPS @ 960 x 544
Ultra High quality: 43.7 FPS @ 960 x 544
BenchmarkPI 318 milliseconds, since #6396

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As you can see we are a sufficiently powerful Terminal to make use of demanding applications, multi-tasking or even with last generation games such as Asphalt 8. This is thanks, in part, to the resolution of qHD display having lower demand for resources to HD resolutions and what the chip Adreno 305 It pays much better than GPUs PowerVR SGX540/544 we see in competition SoCs.
With a battery of 2100 mAh, the terminal is capable of reaching about two days of use. Autonomy has surprised us in average usage, with connected data and synchronization push in addition to sporadic use of music, any call and WhatsApp.
If we speak of the browsing speed, We can confirm that under the network of 4 G Vodafone have speeds that are around the 45 mbps down and is approaching the 10 mbps of upload. They are very speeds over that most Internet users have at home with ADSL.

HTC Desire 601, software and multimedia

This HTC terminal boasts of HTC Sense 5.0, i.e. the same version which currently runs HTC One mini or HTC One and that will updated HTC Sense 5.5 that saw the light with One HTC max.
As a result, we enjoy functionality BlinkFeed It serves as a home screen where we can see all our contacts from Twitter or Facebook updates as well as updates of news via RSS that HTC has already organized in a thematic way.
Other integrated functions is HTC Zoe, the ability to record animated images and even the ability to auto-generate videos according to events with photos and videos that we are capturing, something we already saw with HTC One and we have already seen in detail.
We want to leave a record of a movement that surprised many with the arrival of HTC One, and is the choice by HTC to use only 2 capacitive buttons, back and Home. This configuration makes it possible to take advantage of any screen resolution and allow access to applications open with double click on Home or to Google Now if we leave it tight. As you can see we miss the options button / menu. This appears as a software button on screen should be available in the application.
Display open tasks and events Gallery sample
We have our user icon in the notification bar, and if we click on it can access directly a way children that we can customize to provide access to the games and applications you want, protecting our data and also the youngest. This is done by applying Zoodles:
Children mode using Zoodles
We want to emphasize is to patent the sale of the stake in HTC Beats audio with the absence total beats on the phone nor logo physical nor any trace in the terminal, but we must not deceive ourselves, the two front speakers do a good job and offer a volume and sound-color that few terminals are able to offer.
Access direct music from toolbar and unlock screen
Obviously the lack of bass is there, it is physically improbable, as small speakers can generate frequencies down with enough volume, and endemic of this type of device. HTC integrates a so-called application Music, to complement to Google also installed Music series, shown as a multimedia center features of Karaoke.
HTC Internet check)Gracenote) in search of the covers of the albums of the songs and the Lyrics them and can show them above worked and colorful animations:
Missing the possibility of using Equalization in this application although it should be noted that the use of two speakers and to be so separated gets perfectly recreate the feeling of stereo When is the terminal in horizontal position.
HTC Desire 601 integrates FM radio, requires headset as an antenna to function, and leave out features such as the control of TV’s top the HTC One max or HTC One range.

HTC Desire 601, camera

HTC has integrated one camera which, I believe, is a step back in a terminal that could have been round. As we can see in the terminal specifications, HTC makes use of dedicated chip HTC ImageChip to capture photo and video that allows capture in real time thanks to the continuous approach or even capture photos while we recorded video, among others. Picture taken from HTC Desire 601
The Sensor HTC is the camera that has mounted backlit of 5 Mpx with a size from 1/4 ” and 1.4 µm pixel size. It is a Sensor smaller than the previous generation 8-megapixel Sensors and pixels have a size similar to the previous generation, none of Ultrapixeles. It is true that the objective of 28 mm -wide angle – to the lens with Aperture f2.0 They help to capture more light in low light situations, but remains far in resolution of last year and no solutions there is improvement in image quality.
Picture taken from HTC Desire 601
Another interesting feature is the ability to record videos in slow motion and choose how fast to play them (slow or as recorded them) or dispose of a Flash offering five power levels to illuminate the scene intelligently depending on the distance to the object photographed. In addition to this we also have various filters that you can apply in real time when it comes to go to make the picture, seeing what will be the final capture. 5 megapixel images have a weight of between 1 and 1.5 Mbytes according to lighting and image details.
Picture taken from HTC Desire 601
HTC Zoe It allows recording of photo sequence, retouching of faces and delete an object from the scene, features inherited from the family of terminals of upper range, the HTC One family.
The front camera has a resolution VGA, i.e., that serves to make video calls and a self-portrait, but resolution of 0, 3Mpx note front rear camera which will make many masking this camera in most cases.
This terminal is able to record video 1. 080p and capture images while recording. The slow motion You can record (without audio) at a resolution of 768 x 432 pixels and it offers a good result to see online as you can see below. Also an extra within this segment range of media as well as the ability to record to 720 p 60 fps, that also allows us to create a posteriori in PC, a video in slow motion.
While we have some reticiencia when it comes to the quality of the camera of this terminal in photo mode, for video It shows good skills. I.e., in short, we have a terminal that a previous generation Sensor mounted and that saves this small handicap, remove the chestnuts from the fire, through all the possibilities and functionality that offers HTC ImageChip.

HTC Desire 601, Xataka Android view

The terminal HTC Desire 601 placed on the top of the middle range of the company, and while it has several factors that differentiate you from HTC mini One, it is also true that it shares many of the same software functionality as well as your processor.
It is a terminal that shows a good balance performance and burn, not so with the price, although it can be purchased via grant/funding according to operators, the price of the free terminal is 369 euros. Here we have to make the reflection of the price if we take into account that other competition devices are sold around 100 euros cheaper offering about the same (Orange Yumo, Vodafone Smart 4 G) either the price which has reached the market, much more powerful, premium category at 349 euros with 16 GB of internal memory Nexus 5.
I.e. from the economic point of view is we have seen high priced as it is the market, but if it is true that it offers many differential characteristics: HTC BoomSound (stereo speaker system in its front, perfect for listening to music, watch videos or play games that you do not taparás the speaker with your hands) either the possibility of recording of slow motion video and navigation 4 G/LTE.
If we had a higher resolution screen for this price (we think in 720 p) and a better camera, probably would be a round phone and worthy candidate to be best seller range average 4 G of the moment.