HTC Desire 500, Analysis

The Taiwanese company HTC It launched in Spain at the end of last year the ends HTC Desire 500 which aims to meet the need of users of an Android smartphone that go a step beyond basic use, with a content size of screen (4.3 inch) and a good photographic section.
HTC Desire 500 comes as the Middle brother of the HTC Desire line from 2013 and features software that came to the market with HTC One and a modest hardware configuration but more than enough for every day of the majority of users, let’s see what.
The company HTC the ship launched its latest generation of smartphones Android, HTC One logo, and from it we saw the arrival of HTC mini One and the terminal in format phablet, HTC One max.
As a more contained in price line have HTC Desire that if well with HTC Desire 601 Yes maintains a design inspired by HTC One, with HTC Desire 500 passes to exclusively use only certain features of the new family software and passes to be used as the main material for manufacturing polycarbonate.

HTC Desire 500, main features

Before entering the proper analysis, we review offering at the technical level on the HTC Desire 500 paper, a smartphone range low-medium today:

HTC Desire 500, specifications
Physical dimensions 135.5 × 68 × 9, 5mm, 180 grams
Screen 4.7 inch IPS
Resolution 960 x 540
Processor MediaTek MT6582, quad – core (A7) 1.3 GHz
Graphics processor Mali-400MP
Memory 4 GB + microSD up to 64 GB
Version Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) interface Zopo
Connectivity Wireless 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, 3G (HSPA +) dual SIM
Expansion ports MicroSD, MicroUSB
Cameras Front: 2Mpx – 480 p / rear: 8 Mpx – 1. 080p, autofocus, LED flash.
Battery Battery Li-ion 1750 mAh (removable)
Price 179 euros

ZP700, finish simulating full color carbon fiber design

This terminal is the most modest of which Zopo sold in Spain. We are talking about part of the HTC Desire 2013 family and becomes as middle range of the same. In some ways recalls in the form to the previous generation terminals: HTC Desire X or HTC One b +. Four distinct areas, the rear and front part in bright white and with details of color around the camera, model in the logo of the brand and the beats Audio game with the main frame. Besides, we also have the external speaker on the rear bottom.
The model we tested is of blue color, but as we discussed from HTC Spain will sell another red. Within this framework of color are the power button and the minijack connector on top.
At the bottom the microUSB and microphone and on the right side, integrated line of the framework, the volume buttons. While this solution seems aesthetically us a step back has seemed very successful, when it comes to usability since you don’t touch reference of where they are and you have to finish watching the mobile to see what press.
The front is almost covered by the screen that unlike other terminals is not at the same level as the front housing, but slightly out of it giving feeling of being concealed in the frame. This built-in black zone integrates the screen properly bliss and the two capacitive touch buttons introduced HTC One, against the usual three today day and at the top are the proximity and brightness, LED notifications and front camera sensors.
This terminal is small and very light for what is the style today, something made possible by his display of 4.3 inch that leaves a few dimensions of only 131,8 x 66.9 x 9.9 mm with a finish of rounded edges that give the impression in the hand of even smaller. The weight of HTC Desire 500 stays on only 123 grams.
We note that you despite having sold participation which had HTC in Beats Audio, This smartphone makes use of the same audio enhancement technology.

Screen, better than expected

This model comes as a small terminal you can take anywhere and mounts a small screen for what is the style and with a WVGA resolution. Having capacitive buttons outside this resolution takes advantage of well.
It has a diagonal of 4.3 inch and panel SLCD3 resolution 800 x 480 pixels. He has exceptional vision angles, good contrast and deep blacks and gives the feeling of being completely stuck to the touch surface, which we confirmed that it responds very well, without latency or error of position.
We have been able to measure the lux of gloss that offers the display to its maximum level (screen brightness to maximum and white) and as we see is around 405 Lux.
With this brightness level, the screen looks even in environments with great lighting, as for instance to full light of the Sun. As we hinted says, the problem is not the technology used or the lighting power but in the resolution of the panel, rather low for what is the style today, which less than qHD or make the jump to 720 p.

Performance, weak point of the terminal

This terminal mounted the Qualcomm 8625Q Snapdragon 200 chip, Quad – core 1.2 GHz Cortex A5 core. We are talking about nuclei of low range but that together behave very effectively giving a great fluidity to the team.
The Integrated GPU this SoC Snapdragon 200 It is Adreno 203, which can deal with resolution 800 x 480 games but you can not ask much more. It is a GPU that came to light in 2008 and that obviously is far from what we see today in smartphones.

HTC Desire 500, performance
AnTuTu X 9.936 points
Quadrant 4.460 points
Vellamo HTML 5: 1.552 points
Metal: 343 points
3DMark Ice Storm (720 p): 3,305
Ice Storm Extreme (1080 p): 1.679
Ice Storm Unlimited: 3.066
EPIC Citadel
@ 800 x 480
High performance: 31.5 FPS
High quality: 30.3 FPS
Ultra High quality: 19.9 FPS
BenchmarkPI 541 milliseconds

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As you can see we are with a terminal that is powerful enough to run any current application if and when we do not reach top 3D games range. In that case, we will notice that the GPU can not keep pace and you will notice a slight lack of fluency.

Software, well solved with HTC Sense 5.0

This HTC terminal boasts of HTC Sense 5.0, He saw the light with HTC One and that also the brother of equivalent size of the upper range screen we saw in HTC mini One.
As a result, we enjoy functionality BlinkFeed It serves as a home screen where we can see all the updates from your contacts from different sources: Twitter or Facebook, updates of news via RSS.
Some users this home screen may not like it, so you can choose the desktop as main screen and leave BlinkFeed as always available screen such as “desktop” without use of the left
HTC Desire 500 lacks one of the most interesting features in the face of first-time users, HTC Zoe, giving the possibility of generating short videos with music automatically using photos and videos that you’ve captured something that we saw with HTC One and we show you in detail in its analysis.
We want to leave a record of a movement that surprised many with the arrival of HTC One, and is the choice by HTC to use only 2 capacitive buttons, back and Home. This configuration makes it possible to take advantage of any screen resolution avoiding having to “get lent” space on screen to display the buttons. In fact, for HTC Desire 500 this problem would be more severe due to the resolution of 800 x 480 pixels.
Options button: leave the home button pressed
If you take missing options button / shortcut menu, do not worry, you can get to it leaving pressed the Home button.
Display open tasks and events Gallery sample
HTC continues to offer a “children mode” that lets you customize your space to provide access to the games and applications you want, protecting our data and also the youngest. This is done by applying Zoodles:
Children mode using Zoodles
HTC Desire 500 reflected that although HTC hayavendido its participation in Beats Audio continues releasing terminals compatible with that sound enhancement technology.
The audio level of the external speaker is good, but has nothing to do with the sound quality that they offer high end of company terminals that already make up the HTC BoomSound stereo system.
HTC integrates a so-called application Music, It complements Google also installed Music series, and shows up as a Media Center that allows you to search and download the cover of the album, photos of the artist and even the lyrics of the songs.
In addition to this we also have the ability to play via DLNA in other devices music, in our case we have done with photos, video and music in a very intuitive and natural way last year SmartTV.
HTC Desire 500 has FM radio tuner you can also hear through the speaker if you have connected headphones that make antenna.

Camera of HTC Desire 500, its strong point

HTC has taken up the camera of the previous generation X Desire and Desire X +, i.e., a sensor backlit 8-megapixel capable of recording video FullHD and with a system of continuous focus both photo and video that allows you to take photos instantly without waiting for you to approach.
The rear camera offers a high quality thanks to a lens and sensor configuration already tested by the company (wide angle 28 mm, f/2.0), sensor (size 1/3.2 “), 8 megapixel camera) and a LED flash with 5 levels of intensity.
In addition the management of the system takes you HTC Imagechip It allows to capture images while recording video, capture photography blasts either apply effects in real time and even record video in slow motion or with HDR video.

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The front camera It has a resolution of 1.6 megapixel lens wide angle sensor backlit and video recording 720 p and able to capture HDR images.

Autonomy HTC Desire 500

This phone mounted one removable 1800 mAh battery with an average use allows us to reach a day or a day and a half.
To this is attached a saving mode of energy implemented by HTC that allows to reduce the frequency of the CPU, reduce the brightness of the display, turn off the vibration and even the data connection while the screen is off. With this mode we can extend up to 2-3 days autonomy. If we make an intensive use, the phone “will ask his bottle” before going to bed the first day.
We have noticed a high power consumption at rest compared to other smartphones in the series, HTC mini One or HTC Desire 600, probably related to the nature of the hardware that integrates. Most modern Snapdragon chips better manage modes at rest. The test battery score of Antutu Tester gives a modest value, 371.

Opinion of Engadget Android on HTC Desire 500

If you are of those who do not understand the current trend of large screens or not want to gamble or spend a paycheck on the latest in hardware, for example Sony Z1 Compact, HTC Desire 500 is a good alternative.
We have a smartphone that roza the medium-high range as it is with his camera in some respects but that in others is in a medium-low range, resolution screen or SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 200. It is why, in some way, we see high cost of 279 euros HTC brand in Spain as RRP.
HTC Sense brings a very aesthetic and BlinkFeed is a good addition if you make use of social networks, there are many terminals that can serve as an alternative to this HTC Desire 500 with prices of up to 100 euros less, as for example Motorola Moto G, Bq Aquaris 4.5 / 5.0, ZOPO ZP700, Sony Xperia L, Acer Liquid E2 to name a few.
As highlights on them have Sense and the HTC Desire 500 camera system, but already is the end user who has to decide if compensates him or not that extra outlay of money when you buy it free. As we have been able to compare, there are some operators that offer it at a price very attractive and even free according to the rate at which you ates.

In favour

  • Good camera
  • MicroSD to expand capacity
  • LED notifications


  • Screen resolution
  • High price
  • Price/performance ratio

The phone has been granted for tests by HTC. You can consult our policy of relations with companies