HTC Continues Giving Losses But Increases The Benefits in Your Last Trimester

End of October, financial results. A liturgy which is repeated every three months in the leading technology companies and that, in the case of the latest data from HTC, causes us bittersweet feelings. A historical sector of smartphones has been chosen by Google as the new Pixel assembler and does not go through your best time.
The key has been able to be in a September in which there has been no great innovations beyond the 10 HTC Lifestyle and HTC 10 Pro, presented at the end of the month and may have begun to affect the earnings data. HTC accounts have improved more than. From April 2015 revenues descended without apparent brake in comparison with the same month of last year, but in September rose 31%.

Losses, Yes, but the benefits grow

We like to talk about the classic light at the end of the tunnel with historical manufacturers, and HTC is one of them. Taiwanese continue losses quarter after quarter but they continue mitigating. Thanks again to one quarter in which revenues have grown, this time a 4% compared with the same quarter of last year. HTC is located in the 700 million dollars of benefits at the end of September.
The benefits of HTC grow 4% compared with the same quarter of 2015
These benefits have been achieved also thanks to the increase in the margin of the company, which rose from 16.1% to 18%, contributing to reach 700 million of benefits which, however, do not prevent to HTC file 63 billion dollars in total losses. Losses involving a reduction of more than 50% from 138,6 million of dollars of past 2015.
Unfortunately, HTC It has not provided a number of sales of any of its divisions. We do not know how many smartphones, tablets or virtual reality devices lives have sold this quarter. Figures that would not give the opportunity for one more global view of the situation of the manufacturer currently, any time that we can stop speculating about the possibilities of acquisition by Google.
We wanted to get the month of January to get to know the real impact that the contract of manufacture of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL has had on the figures of the Taiwanese manufacturer. Especially because then both Desire 10 Lifestyle and the 10 Pro will have had more time to foguear it and contribute to the coffers of the company.