HP Falcon: Comeback with Windows-10 Flagship?

Once of the pioneer in PDA-production, considered the pioneer of the Smartphone, is now’s still in the mobile space to Hewlett Packard (HP). Last, the US company primarily focused on the printer business, as well as the production of pcs and notebooks. With the slate of 6 and 7 slate, the last Android Smartphones from HP, which are now but technically outdated appeared mid 2014. Now summarize the information that a promising comeback is imminent…

Mobile Preview: the top smartphones 2016

Which brings the coming year

Strong technology would ever be dozing

A few weeks ago the benchmark provider of gfxbench listed a still unknown Smartphones called HP Falcon on his Web page. The specifications read like a wish list for flagship smartphones of the year 2016: Qualcomm’s new flagship processor Snapdragon 820 should be fitted as well as a sharp 5.8-inch display with 2560 x 1440 resolution and two high-resolution cameras (20 megapixel rear, 12 mega pixels front). The available net space of 43 gigabytes (GB) suggests a total of 64 GB storage space. Only the antiquated 0.9 GB RAM boggles, does not match as well as other smartphone representatives such as the 950 Lumia.

Is actually the Windows 10 flagship?

Speaking of Lumia: the data from the benchmark entry, then 10 instead of Android is on the possible HP project Windows. Thus the HP Falcon would be seen technically rise to the strongest Windows-10 phone and Microsoft’s new flagship Lumias (Lumia 950 and 950 XL) expire the rank. A German Windows news portal will now have learned from its own sources that the HP phone actually exists. However the US manufacturer currently internally to calculate whether a such Smartphone Windows based ever becomes profitable. HP Falcon lands back in the drawer, World Congress in Barcelona (22 to 25 February 2016) could announce HP already on the mobile something solid.