How to Wear Women's Bermudas in Summer and Beach!

Who said only a man can wear shorts ?!Yes, shorts, no shorts .The shorts tend to be longer, slightly above the knee.
Bermuda shorts are super versatile and can be worn by women of all biotypes , those with wider hips, short, tall, thin, and even those who are overweight!The important thing is to find the right shorts that unify your personal style with your body, so that it is valued.
Let’s go to styles!
For those of you who prefer a more sporty look , cyclist-style shorts are super-fit because they fit the body better and give that sporty and relaxed tone to the whole set.
In this case, you can opt for wider blouses, since the shorts have a more adjusted modeling, the combination can also be used with sneakers, espadrilles and shoes that leave the look lighter.
Whether you like a casual look or your job allows you to wear shorts, invest in a classic jeans with a good wash and complement the look with a colored or printed blazer, and underneath a shirt.
Invest in shoes with heels or sneakers, and use and abuse accessories.
Bermuda high waist, this model fits well for occasions that need a greater formality.Generally, this type of shorts is made with tailoring fabrics.
As shorts already have high waist and tend to be more tight at the waist because of this, invest in tighter pieces for the top, you can invest in silk regalia , croppeds , and even simpler sweaters with a Modeling.
As the formality of the shorts is a bit larger, heeled shoes, as scarpins are best suited to close the look.
Boyfriend , this “I got my boyfriend’s shorts and I wear them” model looks super good on cooler looks, which can be worn with overalls, t-shirts, tank tops and a myriad of combinations.Just balance the two pieces according to the trim of each one, if the shorts are of the wider style, balance the look with a tighter blouse.
For the feet, all star type keds and keds fall super good according to!
Twill.Twill shorts today offer a plethora of colors and prints.There is no problem investing in attention to this play.
The colorful and printed shorts are great for more fun and trendy looks. They should be worn with basic color blouses ( eg pink bermuda and white blouse ) or neutral shades.
Speaking of colors, there is still possibility to assemble monochromatic looks, which is the overall impression.
For the night. Yes, it is super possible to wear night shorts, give preference to combine shorts with more stylish and stylish blouses, high heels, platforms. Also, take advantage of the accessories such as jackets, scarves and even socks!
But how do I know which one is the best type or combination for me?
If you have wider hips, you may want to wear a pair of shorts that are not too wide and have a longer shirt that actually covers a part of the hip.
If you are overweight, prefer knee-high shorts, and those that have neutral, plain color shades, to match the top, you should also choose shades next to shorts.
If you are not so tall, shorts are in your favor!Use a model that is not so long, and complement the look with heeled shoes and that leave the sample foot, trick that helps to lengthen the silhouette.
For highs, bet on bermudas of greater length, closer to the knee and that are more loose.For feet, sneakers, espadrilles or even low and medium heels.
If you are from the skinny team, bet on the most loose and creased shorts!When combining, prefer fairer blouses and model the body with shorts.
This look allows the use of blazer, jackets that serve both for work and stop casual occasions.
Do not be afraid to use this piece.Maybe the first few times is not super easy, because of the length, trim and texture that shorts have.
Because it is wider than other pieces of the feminine wardrobe it suffers a certain type of prejudice, but knowing how to unify the shorts with the correct upper part and accessories, the look is perfect and can be used on several occasions!
Enjoy the tips and look for your forgotten shorts in the bottom of the wardrobe or even go to some store of your choice and invest in that piece that yes, it’s wild.
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