How to Wear Short Dresses as a Lady

Short dresses ever go out of fashion, but it is very important to know how to use them to avoid uncomfortable moments. For that, I recommend you read this small Guide to make your short dresses conform to your personality.

Women's Short Dresses

Make sure that your dress has an appropriate length

If your dress is too short, jampas look like a lady. The length of the dress has to go beyond the tip of the fingers of your hands. If your fingers touch your bare leg without having to bend your body, it is because the dress is very short. If you want short evening dresses, I advise you to choose those well cover your ass and your underwear is not exposed.

When you’re walking, do not make long steps

This will make the dress to be mounted above the thigh, so it will be too much exposure. If something falls off you, you must be very careful. The best way to pick up things using short clothes is to press the legs together, and to fold the dorillas to crouch down, you have to twist slightly to one side to meet with the legs parallel to the object. Then he picks up the object with great subtlety.

When you bend down, use proper technique

You have to bend your dress below the thighs and you must always keep the legs together. You only have to cross the legs at the ankles, by moving them slightly to one side. Never push-ups your body down from the waist, since short dresses often rises from behind, revealing your best part.

It is always useful to use some kind of stockings

If you find yourself in an awkward position, you will have an additional layer of protection. If you can not keep the are using short dresses, then don’t use them, rather opt for other options.