How to Use Work Clothes for the Weekend?

Reached that time of the month we have the pleasure of answering questions!
The question for today is from Leticia:
“Wanted tips on how to use social clothes out of the workplace. I have many social and shirts and pants, as I’m not working at the moment, they’re frozen in closet. How to use without seeming silly or too fashionable? “
We want to start by saying that we love the question Reads. At a time that the world asks us to consume with more awareness, be able to use more and better clothes we have is essential. Other than that, we know that the situation is not easy for anyone, and Green’s short for everyone. So nice clothes is even that which we use and uses and uses more.
No wonder that our daily lives as consultants, we are faced with this question very often. And the truth is that, unconsciously, we tend to separate our wardrobe between “work” and “weekend”. Like the middle of the forbidden fun with clothes that we use from Monday to Friday, or work with the clothes that you wore over the weekend.
Yes, there are still many professional environments that require super formal looks (type pants and shirt, neutral colors or dark social). The good news is that most companies are becoming more flexible with the dress code. That is, unless very specific situations, virtually everything you have in the closet will be able to roam between weekends and weekdays in the greatest tranquility.
In addition, two things help a lot of people can make that transition with ease:
Number 1 thing: nobody gets out of House of slacks and shirt
The add-ons’s look is what will make all the difference in time to give a face more formal or informal pro set. With the Add-ons (can be a shoe, a handkerchief, a cardigan, or even a more elaborate makeup) can leave the good old look with a completely new face.
Thing number 2: The slacks of today are much more cool than in the old days
Yes! Tailoring pants have evolved a lot. Today a pair of “social” can have different shapes and trims (trouser the cigarrete, folgazona or more adjusted to the body), outside the huge variety of textures and colors. IE: more possibilities for combinations also outside the workplace.
But in today’s post we didn’t want to be alone in the theory didn’t. Here are some examples very practical to put his hand in the cookie jar now!
Let’s get Beautiful Gil here and say: you can replace the shirt for a t-shirt for example.
Yes! Going out to party this weekend? Take a walk with your baby? Lunch with the amygues? Cata that slacks that you use to work and, instead of using the queer with the shirt of a t-shirt, bet always more relaxed. The unusual combination ends up bringing a whole climate more fashion pro your weekend look.
Social Shirt+Jeans
Same logic Beautiful Gil here from above, but instead of replacing the shirt, we replace the slacks for a casual alternative and more Geek of all trades that the jeans? Valley skirt, short or even a pair of destroyed.Is beautiful, fashionable and relaxed.
Blazer+Informal Look
Now it’s time to get that your suit blazer and play over a look very informal. Can be jeans and a t-shirt, running shorts, dress. The blazer gives a touch more sophisticated without losing the good climate of weekend.
Forms In Informal Materials Parts
The fabrics and materials of the parts also help bring different degrees of formality. The jeans for example is informal by nature, as well as knitted fabrics (those that stretch). On the other hand, the tissues plans (those that do not stretch) tend to be more formal.
So what if it gets interesting: you can invest in pieces that mix casual with formal modeling tissue and vice and versa. For example: a social jeans shirt. Or a SWEATSUIT blazer. These pieces will transition from super natural way between the desktop and the leisure time because of course already has a good balance between formality and informality.
Well, we hope that the tips have helped not only to Letícia, but also other readers here at UASZ.
And if you have a question about fashion, style, remember that we’re here. So you leave your questions here in the comments or send it to so we can start thinking about legal ways of solving the your dilemma!
Oh! And if you want to go deeper on that subject, don’t forget that we launched a program of personal style advice online. Everyone is suspect to talk, but the program is very cool and has total focus on helping people find your personal style and make better choices in time to get dressed. All the infos so here on our website.
And now we want to see everyone wearing work clothes over the weekend that’s coming through the front.