How to Use Via Ferrata Sets

With the right via ferrata set towards the Summit

To commit a via ferrata, you essentially need helmet, harness, and of course a via ferrata set. The latter ensures to catch the climber in the event of a fall. To do this, the via ferrata set forms a link between the mountaineers and the steel cable attached to the rock. It, however, it must be noted that via ferrata always the rule to avoid a crash. This climbing trail walking, even with the best via ferrata-set, differs significantly from sport climbing, where falls are deliberately included in purchase.

What do I need for my via ferrata set?

Climbing is to rock passages, which are so prepared by permanently installed wire ropes and iron hooks, you can handle it without the expertise and the equipment which you otherwise need to alpine climbing,.
Helmet, harness, via ferrata-set hook and can already go? That would be reckless and dangerous. Personal skills are important: a good general fitness and knowledge of the dangers on the mountain. This applies in particular for less experienced Alpine tourists who appreciate climbing: so they can cope with demanding passages of rock and enjoy the best views!

What about of a via ferrata set?

The current via ferrata sets take the form of a y. Below is a loop that wraps the Mountaineer in his harness. The Y foot contains the fishing shock absorber, either a cable brake or an absorber system. Connect the arms of the Y to this: two rope or band slings branches, at whose end is ever a climbing climbing carabiner.
At the ascent of the via ferrata, the climbing trail walkers always hooked both carabiners of the via ferrata sets the fixed steel rope. So, the via ferrata set prevents that a fall developed a crash. Also, you are always protected with the reassignment of the via ferrata sets.