How to Use Via Ferrata Equipment

With the right climbing equipment on the road

A via ferrata is a fascinating thing. It comes with simple backup means and a good hedge in the steepest rock faces, which would be reached only with more complicated climbing. Although the climbing equipment is relatively simple to use and also not very extensive, there are some things to keep in mind. Compared to a climbing equipment for alpine climbing tours which is very convenient to have climbing equipment. All what you need in addition to good functional clothing and solid hiking boots are a helmet, a harness, and of course the Klettersteig set as the most important utensil. Because you Yes required much anyway, can you spend here then also quiet a bit of money and choose together exactly the climbing equipment, that they best like.

Via ferrata – where does this sport?

Today, thousands of mountain sports adepts are looking every year fun and recreation in Alpine iron roads, which lead to more or less difficult route toward the Summit. The origin which were also called via ferratas, such as the via ferrata, was but a less more joyful. The first via ferrata were created already in the first world war in the Dolomites, to maintain the supply of soldiers in the mountains. The then established climbing routes were they then after the war more and more also as sporty Alpine routes discovered – and that are still today more popular than ever. With the growing popularity of the sport, of course also the climbing equipment was always further improved to provide more security.

What must I pay attention when buying my climbing gear?

As already mentioned, the climbing equipment consists of a helmet, a harness and a via ferrata set. Many manufacturers for stepping into the climbing sport also complete sets offer that already contain everything.
As helmet engage all major climbing helmets. Whether you choose a hard shell helmet, a hybrid helmet, or a foam helmet, leaving even the climbing trail walkers. The helmets all meet the necessary standards and provide a good protection against slapping on the rock and stone chipping. Belt is now also at the climbing equipment almost always a belt used alone. It is with a heavy Backpack on the way, the use of a complete belt or the combination of chest strap and waist belt is recommended but in any case. The strap should sit well and fit. Many models are adjustable in size at the waist and legs and adapt flexibly to different layers of clothing. You can keep so his climbing equipment very flexible.

The via ferrata set ensures safety

The perhaps most important part of the climbing equipment is the via ferrata set. Modern via ferrata sets have a y-shaped structure (the old v-systems are no longer used and are also no longer available on the market) and consist of two via ferrata carabiners connected by lines with a braking system. As a braking system perforated panels cable brakes are usually used (older system) or absorber (newer system). Both braking systems are in the via ferrata in the event of a fall for a reduction of the shock. Elastic tentacles are a further development in the area of via ferrata equipment. The elastic system offers a large range of motion while climbing and provides a body-hugging position of the lines, if one goes. So interfere Y arms significantly less than that of rigid lines. There actually only one remains: the right climbing equipment together and set off into the mountains. For all mountaineers, whose arrival in the Alps is very far, here’s a tip: Also in the central uplands, the one or the other via ferrata is hidden.