How to Use: Skater Skirt

A skirt that values ​​everyone and is still a grace. I’m talking about the skirt skater. It is a high waist skirt that goes to the knees (or before) in a silhouette in A. It is like a skirt godê, but without so much “affectation”.It has few pleats – enough to give movement when we walk – and is usually made of lighter fabric.So it looks good on any body:it does not make too much volume on the hip.
The name of such skirt came directly from the ice skating. Have you seen how the skaters’ skirts are fluttering and pink? Yeah. In English, the name of the sport is figure skating and who practice is called a skater. That’s the name!
I had the happiness of finding these while I lived in Portugal. At H & M, they had several models, and I bought two – one gray and the other one with “gymnastics” prints. It’s amazing how they look good with everything I put in! Even with the blouse over her skirt, the composition works out. She is the kind of piece that works great with most stripped looks, from sneakers and vest. Putting on a crib is a good idea to get the clothes off, and for the girls who like it, it also goes well with cropped sweaters.
Where to buy:thanks to the comments of the readers, we now know where you can look. Hyndara has indicated the Oasap sites (need to give a pancake, because many are not “skater”), Romwe, Ebay and Brazilian Wear Ever.She also said she saw a jeans model at Renner, but she does not know if she still has it.

1. Skater Skirt with T-Shirt

2. Skater Skirt with Cropped T-Shirt

3. Skater Skirt with Vest

4. Skater Skirt with Blouse

5. Skater Skirt with Shirt

6. Skater Skirt with Blazer

7. Skater Skirt with Jacket

8. Famous with Skater Skirt