How to Use Helmet Mount Action Camera

Helmet cameras provide impressive images of virtually any adventure

Discovery days on the bike, tidy lots of action and at home nobody believes it? Doubters be sedated with the corresponding video footage of helmet cameras! The small companions are durably constructed, since wild runs with jumps and tight turns just too rough to the point. In addition to their solid construction, the mini camcorders offer an impressive picture quality with sharp shots now. The cameras are mostly protected against spray water or can be extended to a watertight housing.

Basic considerations before you buy

So the driver long his joy with the Actioncam has, it is worth a few considerations to make before purchasing. What would I do mainly with the camera? What is the camera installed? At the helm of the Ski Pole on the skate – or surfboard? What resolution do I need? What accessories are available? Is this compatible with each other? Generally, it is better to choose the holder more robust than necessary. Finally, mounting the camera at high speeds have to endure large forces. This is true both for Downhillbiker and for longboarders and skaters, who are traveling with helmet cameras.

Basic equipment and useful accessories

High-quality cameras and extensive, compatible accessories can be found at GoPro, Garmin and Lupine. The compact, super resolution cams deliver good results, which is later home properly what can do. The smaller the helmet camera, the less you will notice them during filming and can concentrate on the route. But the smaller also means: the camera costs more with same image quality and resolution. A little practical accessories greatly extends the possibilities: A handlebar or helmet fitting. A lightweight monopod, or a flexible tripod for attachment to trees and railings. A wireless remote control. If no fixed lens is installed, or the focal length range is not sufficient: a wide angle. And of course additional batteries and large enough, sufficient, memory cards.

Interesting facts about the resolution of helmet cameras

Confusing at first glance, but simple and not complicated at all, are the details of the resolution at Actioncams. < br / > a small example: 7MP; 1080 p (24/25/30 fps) stands for 7 megapixel photos and 1920 x 1080 pixels in full-screen technology with 24, 25, or 30 full frames per second for film shoots. Jumps and action-packed scenes with more frames per second is perfectly capture, you get to be the impression of themselves. < br / > in low light conditions or in situations with great brightness distinguish HDR features of bracketing for detailed playback provide. Exactly the same as with the digital camera, a higher resolution means larger memory footprint.