How to Use Cardigan

The cardigan is a very versatile and democratic piece that can not be lacking in the feminine wardrobe, since with this cardigan it is possible to create several combinations in the days of milder temperatures.
He is so versatile that he can compose everything from a more classic production to a more bare production and can be used in several ways. So I’ve separated some basic tips for you to wear your cardigan.

1 – Use 2 Open Buttons

To prevent hip area augmentation, use the last 2 open buttons to prevent the button from being pulled back, leaving the look more elegant. 

2 – Right Model For Your Body

Be careful when choosing the cardigan model! There are larger models (oversized) that are not advisable for those who already have a lot of volume in the body and want to tune the silhouette. For you that is pluz size, for example, preferably for the more sequential models, not to increase the silhouette.

3 – Cardigan With Belt

The finest and finest models are perfect for the job, combining as much with tailoring as, skirt pencils as with jeans and they are super elegant. Grasp with a belt on the cardigan, both with it closed as well as semi-open hitching and creating a vertical line lengthening the silhouette. 

4 – Maxi Cardigan

A great tip is to use shorter pieces like shorts, tops, dresses and skirts, because it will give a balance in the visual warming to the extent and leaving you stylish.

5 – Care Of The Cardigan

Remembering that the cardigan can not be hung on the hanger, just like any other piece in knitting. Because it can open the plot and get all deformed, the correct thing is to let it folded inside the closet thus making your piece last longer.