How to Take Care of Your Clothes

Being well dressed also involves maintenance of clothes. This is a must and that is not necessarily obvious when one comes face to face with the washing machine. If you are subscribed to my newsletter, you have already discovered some of my favorite tips to take care of your laundry. I remind you that you can subscribe to receive tips by e-mail that I do not share that with my subscribers readers. The form is just right!

Here’s an excerpt:

  • If you stain: dab the stain with as soon as possible and sparkling water please do not rub to avoid breaking the fibers of the fabric. Never iron stained clothes, the stain may become embedded more!
  • Watch your sweaters: know they relax when washed! Dry the thus flat on a towel to keep their original shapes.
  • Invest in padded hangers: They respect the original shape of your clothes.Separate you iron hangers that are cheap but distort!
  • If your wardrobe is poorly organized, read my article on the art to sort through her wardrobe to save time and to see the range of possibilities of outfits that are available to you every day.

I decided today to share with you are personal tips from my readers that I receive by email . Thank you to all my readers for your support and your little words that encourage me! Thank you for your relevant tips, I have to share!

1) The magic of the use of anti-fading wipes by Marie

Mary, a faithful reader of Well Dressed advocates the use of anti-fading wipes. “The goal is not to mix all the linen of all color and see what will come out … but make sure to avoid an accident color rubs off (especially if you like we like to wear color!) ” . Thank you Marie for this trick is true that when you love the color, it is a shame to come to lose their intensity due to repeated washes.
If like me you’re a fan of color , be sure to drag a non-fading colors wipe your machine. Of course, as recalled Marie, do not mix all the colors together , form color harmonies when washing and follow the care label for washing the temperature appropriate.
It also recalls that this is a good compromise for “the art of synthetic clothing colors do not become bland or dull as white and turn gray. It really works. ” If Mary and myself as you value your clothes, take care with this trick.

Mary reminds us that ” a top or dress that has been worn a few hours at a dinner (I’m not talking about the wild night clubbing of course!), Is not” dirty “and not necessarily deserve to go to the machine. But it may have taken a smell or have a little wrinkled so to refresh, I hang on a hanger in my bathroom on the way and keep it there about 24 . Especially if I do not wet clothing, small wet steam from the shower in the morning the airs. ”
A tip tested and approved by my side. Do not wash your clothes too often , it can damage the plus it’s not good for the planet. Marie is absolutely right, put a little sweater a few hours only needs to be aired.
Have you not noticed that your clothes purchased at major retailers are much less pretty, fall less when switching step the first wash? I’m not saying that it takes more wash your clothes, but limit yourself to necessary . I will also give you a little tip, a miracle that I discovered: the spray “Fabric Fresh” brand The Laundress. It’s a spray for clothing that is perfect to refresh them when they were little worn.

2) Home By Pressing Alexandra

If you like Alexandra and I live in town and do not have a car, or you are a “working girl” or an overworked mom, you know how to get to the cleaners cost you energy. Yetyou have pieces in your wardrobe that can not be machine-washed and deserve to go to the cleaners. Fragile parts like your silk blouse or heavy parts as your coats but also your quilts and other interior items.
Alexandra found ” laundry great site that offers to pick up and return within 48 hours your machine .” Suffice to say a quick fix, ” even if the use is rare, only for all the parts you need to wash the laundry .” Approved solution myself! I tested and I love it because the results are immaculate and the deadline is met. Also offered is the first delivery (delivery is subsequently offered for more than 50 euros). Here is the site in question that deals with Paris and the inner suburbs but there are others following on where you live, I invite you to make a turn there.

3) The art of choosing his laundry over its garment Florence

Florence thank you for this tip: ” I have several types of detergents that I use depending on the machine I run: black cloth, color, delicate linen, denim ,” etc.
I admit that I used only one washing, but by doing research I came across this special denim wash that I am eager to buy, and the result is surprising . I hated washing my favorite jeans because they were a shadow of themselves after washing laundry … With this, the fabric does not damage the patina and intact.
Do you wash tips you’d like to share?
They are welcome in the comments for everyone to enjoy. To conclude, here is a tip of my grandmother who is simple: do not tumble dry . It attacks the clothes when washing your favorite items, do not skip the dryer.
Who has not felt like crying seeing a sweater or top shrinks discolored after he sneaked in past the clothes dryer? What bad memories, right? Do not go to the dryer linens, and even if you are lucky, the spring can extend your clothes outside, enjoy