How to Take Care of Acrylic Nail Brushes

Taking care of Makeup brushes properly

Who loves a good makeup knows to use the brushes makes it easy, and, and make it even better, but what many people forget is that they need maintenance and extra care even to prevent dirty contaminate our skin.
Take care correctly of makeup brushes is an essential step, it is very important to regularly clean the brushes and keep them dry. Put them always in well-ventilated place. It is essential to keep the bristles clean and intact (both as in quantity).
The right frequency of washing of brushes will depend on how you make use of them. For example: Who uses daily wash them at least once a week, so do not accumulate, fungi and bacteria that can cause infections in the skin. Already those who do not use regularly, you can make use of the cleaning every 15 days. For cleaning the makeup brushes you can use neutral shampoo specific infant baby bath.
Place a small amount of the product in the Palm of your hand and rub all over and brush bristles then wash in running water. Place the Paintbrush lying horizontally on top of leaves of paper towels and allow to dry naturally. But if you need to use it and don’t have time to wait the bristles to dry naturally so you can use the dryer, place the appliance in warm temperature in order not to damage the hair. And don’t forget to turn the air jet always in the direction of the bristles, never “front” to the hair.
If you take care of makeup brushes properly they can last more than 10 years according to, just take care that you certainly won’t need to spend your money for a long time.