How to Stop on Ice Skates Beginners

Although there are several important techniques characterized by skating so straight forward skating, skates upright position, the oath, mastering the proper braking technique is bochtjes probably the most important technology in the skating area. If you can not slow down, there may be a major accident. There are various possibilities to come to a stop as quickly as possible during skating.
If you are going skating, you’re not just rely on your own insight and skill, but also to your fellow commuters. A small child, dog or cat can suddenly pass and if you can not swerve or slow down can happen big accident, because you can build quite a nice speed while skating. Good knowledge of the techniques skating is important before going on the road. In particular, the braking technology; brake quickly, you can save a lot of problems and accidents.

There are several braking technique. The seven most important in the following table:
Tips for Novice Riders
Beginner skiers would be wise to buy a skate with the brake pads. Because of the blokrem or heel stop to apply, can effectively inhibit, with a relatively small risk of falls. The remaining easy to perform braking technique leads to a crash yet relatively infrequently because the material used along the side of the road