How to Setup a Slackline with 4 Carabiners

Slackline set for all facets of the trend sport

Whether as a pastime on the campground, for training purposes or as its own sport – the Slackline enthusiastic sports more and more climbing and bouldering. For good reason, because the balance on a Slackline makes not only a lot of fun, but also as popular form of rock climbing training. Already at the beginning of the 80s the first climbers in Yosemite National Park experimented with the first hose straps and pulley systems.
Modern Slackline set have to do much on the principle no longer with these original systems. The bands of Slacklines are specially designed to the range and the construction is easy with a little practice.
In our range, a wide selection of the best Slackline set from renowned manufacturers such as Slackline tools, mountain equipment, or Gibbon can be found for insider tips such as elephant Slacklines.

Different types of Slacklines

Regardless of the manufacturer, there are different types of Slackline set. The most important facts : band width: the width of the Slackline is contrary to the presumption of nearby little insight, how easy it is to balance on the line. Although it can be on a hard stretched 50mm line of much easier running, that is used primarily for this Slacklines of kind of but this exercise of tricks, so often referred to as the Tricklines.
The most Slacklines have a width of 25mm to 35mm. They provide a softer feel and are ideal for those who want to practice not primarily tricks. Ratchet hoist vs.: modern ratchet systems allow a simple and quick Assembly of the Slackline. Pulley systems are more complicated in the construction, for mostly but also lighter and therefore more convenient for the oscillation behavior of the Slackline. Up to a length of 30m more of a matter of taste. For longlines coming from 30m and more due to the required forces mostly pulley systems in Frage.Baumschoner: due to the high forces acting on the anchor points, the use of tree savers is a matter of honor. These prevent damage to the bark of the tree and are included in many Slackline set or as a Slackline accessories available. It has no extra tree protection at hand old carpet it does also a strip.

The Slackline as a training device for climbers and boulderers

Balancing on a Slackline trains the sense of balance and significantly improved body awareness and coordination. Also lots of body tension is needed for running on the Slackline and trains its passive muscles.
Slacklining is thus ideal compensation sports climbing, which can be operated with little effort.

Slackline set for on the go

Rarely trained in the home garden. Therefore usually have a small pack size and easy to transport Slacklinesets.
Whether in the Park around the corner or the secluded area of climbing, as longline across the river or even a Highline – the Slackline ensures on fun and makes the perfect balance after a day of rock climbing.