How to Sanitize Thermos

The thermoses in help too to keep the coffee, for example, warm throughout the day, they need to be periodically washed very well inside.

Learn How to sanitize thermos.

Thermos: How to Wash

Wash the outside of a thermos is easy. Just use a sponge and mild detergent to scrub the outside. In the inner part of the flasks using detergent or any other soap should be avoided, lest he leave with smell and taste weird drinks that will be placed.
Daily, after thermos finish be used, wash your insides with hot water and, lastly, let this water inside her for a few minutes. To remove residue and odors that may not come out of the bottle with the simple washing described above, always use chemical solution which we present below.

Thermos: How to Sanitize

If any strong smell or any residue won’t come out of your thermos, see what to do to get rid of them. Even if you have no such problem, it is important to realize from time to time we treat the following cleaning, to eliminate possible bacteria that will stay inside.
In half a litre of water, dissolve two spoons (soup) of sodium bicarbonate. Let this solution to act for a few hours. After that, rinse the bottle usually always with hot water. It is important that it stays open and upside down when not in use, until it is completely dry.
It’s good to avoid putting milk in thermoses. For being greasy, this drink can cause residue buildup on the inside of the bottle and your washing is difficult. Another recommendation is to not use any brush to rub on the inside of the bottle, you can have your glass ampoule scratched and even broken, making it unfit for use.
Now that you know how to sanitize and how to wash thermoses, take good care of your and check out some prices and places that sell vacuum flasks and models and prices of thermal mugs.