How to Put on a Rock Climbing Helmet

Always on the safe side with a high-quality climbing helmet

A tour through the mountains carries many dangers and risks. Whether ice or rocks, shocks, falls or the equipment of belaying, which come off the harness, an accident happened quickly. Modern climbing helmets protect your head, ensure safety and prevent accidents, so the climbing adventure is overshadowed by a laceration, or even worse. A climbing helmet simply part of the equipment of every climber, because as they say: the head is the most important muscle in the climbing.

Always with helmet, climbing, but what must he can?

Good climbing helmets must meet several important requirements, so they also most effectively protect the head. Climbing helmets should offer an optimal fit, so they do not interfere with climbing. Comfort is an often underestimated factor, because helmets for climbing should be not only safe, but also convenient. As soon as the climbing helmet presses, the most beautiful climbing tour makes no fun fast. Stability is an absolute must for the climbing helmet. Since a helmet becomes the lifesaver for climbing in the worst case, a high degree of security is essential.
A registration as for climbing helmet, each helmet must therefore pass the so-called standard test. A 5 kg weight on the climbing helmet is dropped from two metres above sea level. This ensures that the climbing helmet can withstand a certain energy. In addition, the climbing Helmets be reviewed from the front, rear and the sides on their shock. Only when a helmet to climb passes this test, he is approved for the market as a Velcro er helmet.

What climbing helmets available on the market?

First, the hard shell climbing Helmets would be to mention. As the name suggests, this climbing helmet consists of a hard outer shell. The damping is made through a belt system in the inside. The hard foam helmet is a real lightweight. Impacts deform the foam and similar to absorbing the energy of the case, like the crumple zone on a car. The hybrid helmet combines the properties of foam and hard shell helmet.
This climbing helmets have a thin outer shell and dampen by foam on the inside. In addition, there are still Frauenkletterhelme, and even climbing helmets for children. It is generally but to make sure that they should be replaced after a fall or after rockfall at any kind of helmet to climb on it. Only so can guarantee optimal safety!