How to Prevent Sun Spots on Face

Summer, Sun, vacation …? Sun spots lurking! Here’s a little tip to prevent its occurrence and maintain healthy your skin even in summer.
Sun spots? A problem that harks back alive each summer, a contraindication of the most beautiful part of this season. Sea, beach, books but especially sunscreen because sunburn, especially during the hottest hours, are just around the corner, and unfortunately they leave nasty side-effects that spoil not only your vacation but also winter. Those who have already had some bad experience with skin, knows that certain diseases, which then turn out obvious imperfections, are to prevent rather than to cure.

Causes of sunspots on face

On vacation, but above all to the sea and in other conditions of exposure to sunlight, UVA rays in combination with other factors can trigger an action on pigmentation over certain areas of the body. The areas generally more sensitive to the appearance of dark spots, due to a cocktail of Sun, most often drugs and special types of make-up, are mostly the most delicate: face and décolleté.But even the most exposed to the Sun, be particularly careful shoulders and nose.

Prevent sunspots

Once Extras it is virtually impossible that sunspots go away by themselves, because of the pigment which settled into the skin. You can use whitening treatments or dermoabrazione, but in any case the best antidote to dark spots caused by the Sun remains prevention. Very effective, in this sense, the natural remedies for dark spots on face.

Protect your skin with a sunscreen

Use a sunscreen with a high protection factor on average is necessary to prevent the appearance of sunspots and to avoid worsening the appearance of what you already have. On the face should also apply a moisturizer with an SPF Middle even during the winter, even when the Sun is not seen.

Prevent dark spots with dietary supplements

Can be a real blessing for prevention of dark spots on the skin, though probably take the supplements for other reasons. Especially during the summer, you should consume foods with antioxidant properties and supplements that contain zinc, selenium, vitamins C, E, and beta carotene. Just go to a pharmacy pharmacy for p take advice of great products for both the health of the body for your beauty.

Do not use aggressive or whitening scrub

These should be reserved exclusively to the cold season. During the summer the skin deep and special care needs, just simply use moisturizing products in possibly with a good sun protection factor. If you have lost an eye on the calendar and you have blown your facial at the end of the season, now-send her in late summer.

Natural remedies

  • Lemon juice
    Helps prevent the appearance of sunspots but can also be a remedy counter-productive if you do not use creams for face on a daily basis, even when they go to loving.The lemon juice tends to increase skin sensitivity to light, so not good for those who are not quite meticulous in skin care.
  • Aloe Vera
    Aloe vera is suitable for many skin problems, including sunspots. Just massage the aloe juice in the affected area a few times a day for about 20 minutes, preferably 30. Following this natural therapy for a few months you’ll notice some benefit on your skin and on stains that already had appeared.

Prevention of sunspots in 360°

Never underestimate the power and the lifestyle. Drink plenty of water especially during the summer, and avoid caffeine, nicotine and alcohol. Consumed many fruits and juices, and avoid fatty foods especially to keep your skin clear and healthy.