How to prepare breast for breastfeeding

During pregnancy, especially when it is approaching its end, it is normal for pregnant women to start worrying about their breasts so they are prepared for when it is necessary to breastfeed their newborn child.

How to prepare breast for breastfeeding

Breastfeeding a child is one of the most special experiences a woman has.

Tips on how to prepare the breast to breastfeed

First of all, it is important to talk to your obstetrician and question him or her about your nipple.

There are nipples that force some maneuvers to successfully breastfeed the baby, and it is important to know this information before delivery.

In addition, there is a set of care and tips you should follow to prepare your breast to breastfeed.

It is common for pregnant women to get moisturizing creams to the breasts during pregnancy.

However, you should avoid using these types of products on your nipples, so that your skin becomes more resilient.

During pregnancy you should wear a bra suitable for your breasts, as they are growing. That way, look for a bra that is comfortable.

During pregnancy, if possible, expose the nipples to the sun for about 10 minutes each day.

Choose a reserved spot in your house, take off your bra, and let the skin of your breasts catch some sun. But be careful not to get burned.

Caring for the chest after birth

After the baby is born, it is time to breastfeed your child. At this point, the care you took with your chest will make all the difference.

However, at this stage you must take extra care in order to properly breastfeed the newborn.

For example, when the baby is nursing, it forms a suction cup to suck up as much milk as possible.

So you must be careful to take it off, so that it can catch some air.

In order for the nipples to stay healthy, you should always spread some of your own milk as a natural moisturizer in the end.

The blow-up should never exceed 40 minutes, and you should not let the baby make your nipple a pacifier.