How to Make Snow Candles

Candlesticks formed a special aura in home decor. They can not only create a romantic, relaxing atmosphere in the house, but at the same time be an ideal addition to any favorite corner of your home.
There are many variations of candlesticks, but the most beautiful and expensive will be those who themselves do with inbound them your energy, emotion and love. Today we want to show you one idea to create an easy and very beautiful candlestick. Here at kingsvilletrends you can get more different models of the candles fashion. Making will take you no more than 20 min. And the final result will exceed all your expectations.

What you’ll need:

Glass jar
PVA glue + Toothbrush
Sea salt

How is it done:

Take a glass jar on your taste and stick to it strips tape or other shapes (snowflakes) of your choice. Then smear glue the entire surface of the jar using a brush. On top sprinkle with sea salt. Finally, remove the tape before the adhesive has dried completely.
That’s how quickly and easily purchase a new decorative element for your home. It’s so nice during the long winter evenings, sitting at home in a relaxed, comfortable and quiet setting to contemplate burning candle in a candlestick made of yourself.