How to Lift Heavy Objects with Pulleys

For any purpose the right pulley

The search appears not easy at first sight after the right pulley. There are a number of different pulleys with the different construction methods and applications. Special lightweight pulleys are taken for example to climb and serve the rapid construction of a hoist. Larger pulleys, such as for example tandem rollers in high-wire garden or rope bridges used.

What types of pulleys is there?

Are distinguished with pulleys General load rollers, help roles and temporary roles. Rollers are the strongest roles and have the highest breaking load. They are often made with a bridge, so the rope, not the role can drop in a snap. The pulley will be made at such a pulley usually made of steel or aluminium.
Help roles are often designed with moving legs and have some well plastic rollers. They are so much easier, but also less stable. Additional roles are very light roles, often made of plastic, intended only for emergency.

What constitutes a good pulley?

A good pulley should be equipped with a high-quality bearings as this significantly reduces the friction in the system. You need significantly less power then to tension a rope bridge and a double pulley with good stock is significantly easier.
Because the pulley is also a part of the safety-relevant equipment, you should look for high quality and corresponding fractional values. Because with a good rope pulley, you have more fun and also the service life is longer for a quality product.