How to Determine Ski Pole Length

The ski pole, Scepter of the skier

Winter without snow is like skiing without ski poles and ski. In addition to the right skis include the right ski poles in the right size ski. A sturdy helmet and a good ski goggles provide protection in crashes, provide the correct answers and complete ski equipment of the skier by the way. You have so the right skis, ski boots, ski poles, Ski Helmets, ski goggles, ski gloves and a weatherproof ski outfit beisammen then anything in the way is the next exciting day of skiing in the snow.

Ski poles are balance and clock of the skier

Every skier who once skied without ski poles is knows the feeling: everything on the skis that feels spongy and unstable. The swings in the snow are unharmonic lined up without ski poles. Turning the skis around the bend is extremely difficult without ski pole! It feels almost as well as if you somehow preceded scans without ski goggles in the strongest snowstorm or without sunglasses against the Sun on the slopes.
And if you are still without a ski helmet, let alone without ski poles, it is dangerous. Without ski poles, skiing unfortunately to a multiple is more difficult. You can take their turns in the snow only half so simple and elegant. But also to short or to long poles are like a to big or to small ski helmet or ski goggles without the disc, simply out of place and get nothing in the end after all. Therefore it is in the choice of ski poles to the proper length and of course the preferences of the skier.

With the appropriate ski poles in the snow on the road

Good ski poles in the correct length are now almost as important as the right skis in the optimal length. A ski pole is too short, then a valuable balance and support help is missing while skiing. Also, the torso due to a too short ski pole in bags together, because this is not maintained the missing stock use in skiing. Also the valuable impetus and Walker, which should not be underestimated is Yes when skiing on drag routes and highways, is lost when a short ski pole.
A ski pole, however, is too long, then the stock usage brings unrest in the driving style and it is difficult to keep even the rhythm. Also, a long ski pole pushed the skiers at stick adoption in the reserve, which may lead to a loss of control in steep terrain. The optimal length of a ski pole is, if the angle is a little less than 90 ° in the bend in the elbow joint or between the upper and forearm when holding the ski-stick on the handle.
Until then, you can assume that the ski-stick skiing safely meets his Anschiebe -, balance, rhythm and clock tasks. Finally, there are individual preferences, what concerns the diameter, weight and the design of the ski pole. But it is left to each skier himself. The important thing is that the length of the ski-stick fits.