How to Design Softball Uniforms Online

Design and order softball uniforms online is a quick and easy way to get your team outfitted for the season. Most online vendors have Web sites with friendly interfaces that allow you to choose jersey and pants styles, colors, fonts, patterns of letters and numbers, colors and sizes of shirt; matching pants, socks and hats are often available for purchase at these locations also. While some manufacturers will accept and produce your own custom logo or print shirt, most sites encourage you to work from one of your own pre-designed logos and lettering samples.


Log on to the site of a softball uniform supplier after you have researched a number of potential suppliers to see which ones best fit your needs.
Create a profile and log in; You can browse basic options and offerings without logging in as a registered user, but you will not be able to put an end without it. Create a profile by clicking the appropriate icon on the site (for example, “new user” or “create a profile”).
Choose a style of jersey. You generally will be able to choose between two total button shirts or v-neck or turtleneck shirts and short sleeve or sleeveless shirt. From the site ( you can get more models of the shirts fashion. Select men’s, women’s or youth sizes.
Decide where you want the logos and letters to appear (left breast or on the right or in the middle of the chest), choose a font and decide on a standard color options may include printed Lettering … capital letters and/or cursive script. You may also be able to choose whether you want the lettering to be printed horizontally, vertically, diagonally or in a bow. You will usually be given the choice of a color to go with white or black letters.
Choose the numbers and sizes, and add your items to your shopping cart or basket; This will save your order jersey for future purchase.
Follow the links to select pants and/or shorts and matching stockings if you need them. Pant options can include a seat belt and/or a colored stripe down the leg. Go to the order page.
Provide your full name and address as well as your credit card information. Confirm your order and make the payment requested. You should receive an email within a few minutes to confirm your request and provide you with a tracking number.


  • Consider years with the company, as well as the materials used and the costs, including shipping costs, before choosing a provider. The more the company is you, the more you shipping costs are likely to be.
  • You may be eligible for discounts, depending on the size of your request; generally, you’ll pay less when you buy a complete set of team shirts.
  • Beware of hidden costs associated with the various orders of colors and/or sizes XL.
  • Make sure the site is secure before you provide your credit card information; most secure Web sites will have a small padlock symbol in the corner of the page.