How to Decorate a Small Room?

It’s amazing how the apartments are getting smaller and smaller! So I’m always talking about small spaces – it’s not a lack of subject matter. It’s the need!
Today we will analyze how to simplify and save space while keeping the room functional, beautiful and comfortable. Magic? No, just common sense.
Let’s imagine a common situation: You look at a photo from a magazine (or Simple Decoration, that cool blog, rs!) And think: “Wow, I wanted to decorate my room like that! But you can not!These magazines (and blogs, rs!) Are always so big!!”
Well, I’ll give you some tips to help you adapt the ideas you see in these magazines to your reality. See also:
What do we do in a room? We sit down to talk, read, rest, have a drink, watch TV, listen to music, etc. On the sofa and armchairs. So we need a comfortable couch and supports for the rest, the drink, the book…They should occupy little space while maintaining comfort. If we have more space, we can have several functional options. If there is less space, one idea is to keep the features, but with fewer options. For example:
In the picture above, if we have a smaller corner than this one, we can, maintaining the functionality: Remove one of the tables of support and one of the lamps and change the sofa by one that has more useful space; Thus we will have less “information” and more free area.
Another example: You loved (like me) this room that was shown there on the April website, but your room is smaller than this..What can you do? You can take one of the seats, for example, and add, instead of the other armchair facing the sofa, which is very “spacious”, 2 puffs, holding the same number of seats. Ah! And if the room is even smaller, you can take the coffee table and use one of the puffs as a backup (yeah, you’re going to lose a place…but…) See my badly made garrancho below:
When I write here about using the ideas of the photos no matter what size your space is I’m talking about it too: Adapt
Another situation, very common: Have you noticed that the same way that the rooms diminish, the TVs increase? And you know that to see a TV really well is an ideal distance and that below this distance you do not see well and force your vision beyond what is necessary? And lastly, that most living rooms or TVs today have TVs that are soooo much bigger than they should? And look at this room:
The TV is huge, so the panel area and shelves are huge, the coffee table is huge, the armchair is huge. It’s all compatible with the size of the TV….Now I’m going to reduce this huge TV to an admissible size for a small room (here comes another Rosana scrawl):
It’s really bad this garrancho, but the idea is: If my TV does not have size compatible with my room, in addition to the optical problems I may have I still end up having an elephant (black in the case) in the middle of the room that is not proportional to The size of this and the furniture OR I buy big furniture like her and I’m beating cinnamon my whole life in them, because there’s no place to move. Look, I cut 1/3 of the coffee table and it’s still big on the TV. And the armchair?…wow! Now she’s the elephant (white) in the room!
I know it’s difficult for most people not to give in to the temptation to buy the biggest TV the pocket can hold, but..That’s the tip.