How to Choose Your Bike Bag

Practically on cycling holidays and everyday life: bags for bike

Extended wheel travel, or in everyday life for the shopping bags create plenty of space for luggage and equipment. On long trips with the bike quickly some kilos come together with the clothing, camping equipment and food. It is not easy to stow away neatly and safely.

Plenty of storage space with good load distribution

The load can be with a skillful combination of saddle bags, bike bags and bags on the luggage carrier is balanced and distribute Gewichtsneutral. This prevents any annoying, sapping swinging up on the line and driving behavior is also stable. This is an important advantage over large bike packs that are fully loaded the day back to the load. A double bag on the luggage carrier increases the storage space for luggage greatly.
Durable and water repellent – bags

Material: rugged and water resistant

As with the other Pack bags for travel with the bike waterproof, robust material of vital importance is reliable even with carrier bags. Finally the weather can change unexpectedly and a hard stage with heavy rain follows the relaxed, sunny day. For such, the reflective elements on either side of the double bag are very practical, because these increase the safety in low-light conditions.

A simple, reliable fastening is important

In addition to the water repellent material, which protects the luggage from moisture and humidity, the handling is important. For attaching high-quality bags, proven manufacturers such as VAUDE and Norco put on simple Monatgesysteme. Thanks to click fix and Velcro fastening these bags are easily mounted and also effortless in the evening, or after the tour again taken.

Useful additional details make a carrier bag versatile

what car the trunk, is for all those who are environmentally friendly with the wheel in everyday life the Saddle bag. In a bag with the proper equipment all you need is safely stowed square. Be it for the road at the University or in the Office, for shopping or for the path to the Lake. Unlike as in bicycle baskets, the load is firmly secured. Additional details such as a carrying handle, an inside pocket and a side compartment are practical additions that make up a good carrier bag. An elastic clamping equipment can be attached simply to the outside.