How to Choose the Right Hiking Backpack

Daypacks for hiking and trekking

Trekking refers in its original sense multi-day tours, walked away from civilization. To do this, it is necessary to carry all the equipment for this company to. The volume must be selected accordingly big and so it speaks volumes by 40-60L of trekking backpacks. Often speaks in this context also of hiking backpacks, which here multi-day walks or hiking tours and no day-long hikes.
The demands placed on the trekking or hiking backpack can vary depending on the season and claim duration of the trekking tour. Modern backpack trekking models are true multi-talents for extreme demands.

Backpacks for Hiking
A wide range of hiking backpacks from manufacturers such as deuter, Gregory, mammoth, Fjällräven, Arc’Teryx, Osprey are available in our assortment to choose from.


Often, larger loads must be worn by more than 10 KG and more over days. Trekking backpacks must be correspondingly robust and therefore ensure a superior level of comfort. To do this, manufacturers have developed different systems based on the human anatomy. A large part of the weight is thereby not borne by the shoulders, but transmitted via a well padded hip belt on the basin.
A good back padding and support system, which ensures that the Pack directly on the back rests, which prevents excessive sweating in this area belong to the standard repertoire also.


The differences between the models are as diverse as their operational areas. So the most backpacks for trekking and hiking as a so-called vintage one are constructed – the filling is done so from the top. Not quite so rudimentary are to some manufacturers offer models with side zippers. So things at the bottom of the backpack can be achieved without having the entire contents must be unpacked. The rain jacket is so good up in the backpack to stow, the sleeping bag at the bottom of the compartment provided for this purpose and everything has its order!
Often, also intermediate be achieved when trekking or backpacking, where it will remain for some time in a place. So not all the baggage must be carried takes some hiking rucksacks in addition to attached to the possibility of day packs as an integral part. The day packs can be used in this case for a short trip.
It is wet even a waterproof backpack is practical. As well as a rain covers, which are integrated or are available as accessories in some models is just as good.


The choice of the right backpack trekking model of the range and its own standards depends. One is like easy and fast on the road and has all the equipment this is designed, there are models for this purpose also according to Lightweight hiking backpack. You have like something more comfortable and rather too much it as too little, or would like to make on the way as a backpacker, we recommend a more robust and larger model.