How to Choose the Right Hammock

Hammocks: super comfortable and to feel

hammocks, there are many beautiful designs and a variety of designs. From the traditional, colorful cloth hammock, up to the light travel hammock. There is something for every taste and every purpose! A hanging Chair makes a cozy favorite place from the reading area in the living room – the kids enjoy a kids hammock. A lightweight, stowable small hammock by Exped fits into every climbing backpack. So is a cosy place in the shade for the lunch break at the bouldering and rock climbing in no time. Even a small pillow from home or a convenient travel pillow and the relaxing half hour is nothing more in the way. On the campsite, a hammock is easily attached between two trees. Brooding hot days you need for La siesta no longer have to worry about the Sun.

Hanging Chair the different designs of hammocks

cloth hammocks: the most traditional variant without wires at the ends. Who was ever in Latin America or on the Amazon River, happened there on these models. They are very comfortable and you sleep in a comfortable suspension height to the floor. The reclining position is straight and the back is straight. No matter which way you turn, the hammock envelops the body – just super comfortable! Bar hammocks: Your spreader bar keeps the surface looking forward and the entry is simply. It lies in the Middle, the broader the rods, the Liegepostion is more stable. That the hammocks with bars are always curious, simply a reduced suspension height at a cloth hammock. NET hammocks: Exist as the name suggests a linked network. This adapts ideal body shape, without folds, and is really comfortable. This air can circulate from the bottom up. Therefore, hammocks network are excellently suited for hot summer days. At the same time, these are very stable and are often as double hammock.

Practical additions for use at home

A good hammock can be used of course also at home in the booth or on the balcony. Personal favourite spot for reading and relaxing is easily and quickly up and down. How about a beautiful hanging Chair? A corresponding frame ensures that any holes in the wall must be drilled to fasten the hammock.