How to Choose the Right Dress Length?

If you love the dresses, maybe you still ask yourself the question of the right length to choose? If anything goes, we offer still some advice morpho to highlight your curves!

What Is the Ideal Length in My Morpho?

According to whether one is big or small, our legs are rather thin or rounder, choose the length of her dress is primarily a matter of morphology. The model selected will be even nicer to you if it fits perfectly to your silhouette.
Remember that there is a solution not to suffer from painful friction in the crotch. So you have no excuse not to wear summer dresses!
And for maximum choice, we offer a selection of the models proposed by Castaluna who delighted us with her ​​latest collection.

The Short Dress Is for Whom?

To elongate your figure, go for the short dress! You’ll understand that it will be the great ally smaller and suit all those who have no desire to reveal their legs and even a few of their thighs.
If you do not feel too comfortable and it’s still the season, you can wear tights.
If you want to dare to bare legs but you find them just because pâlichonnes so early in the year yet we rarely had the opportunity to sunbathe … Do not hesitate to opt for a body lotion that you provide a gradual tan.
If you really complexez rather choose a dress that you happen above the knees rather than mid-thigh to feel more comfortable.
Some opt for the leggings, but do not hide it tends to cut the line of the leg and thus pack the silhouette.
However, this does not mean that the maxi dress is forbidden you so far!
Keep in mind that the first fashion rules is first and foremost to have fun and feel good in her clothes.

The Knee Length Dress Is for Me?

If you really your thighs are a concern and you want to reveal anything even when your movements, choose a dress knee length.
It can happen just above the knee or at the knees, especially choose what you like, knowing that the bottom of the dress will attract the eye if nothing else holds him do before …
If you do not feel like we look toward your knees … Think about the neckline!
There is not the choice of the length of her dress is important. To properly calf nicer, curvy, go for heel sandals!

Midi Dress Is Not Too Tired?

This length is ideal for ceremonies “dress code” as it has a very chic and elegant appearance.
True dress below the knee may have a little “mémérisante” connotation, it is imperative to break the strict side with trendy accessories or an offset pattern.
For a sexy short side, feel free to unbutton a few buttons at the bottom of your dress. Fun with trendy prints.

All in Maxi Dress!

As we have mentioned, although there is little one can opt for the maxi dress long wear heels or not to choose too long. A split model is also a good option to discover the sensual leg and give you height.
Very comfortable to wear when temperatures rise, the biggest will use and abuse the maxi dress size.
Its cutting fluid helps erase well rounded but beware the effect bag if you do not choose your size.
Printed or plain? It all depends on the occasion! All ethnic and floral prints are perfect daytime or beach. For evening bet on a solid model or graphic black and white chic.
You know all about how to choose the length of her dress summer 2016. Do not forget the accessories and especially you are never as beautiful as when you feel good in your clothes!