How to Choose the Perfect Jeans

How To Choose The Right Jeans For Your Body

The jeans is one of the most basic pieces that a woman can have in your wardrobe.This is the kind of clothes that we can use on several occasions, especially in everyday life, in everyday and informal moments. However, to have a play Joker as this is I need it to be well chosen, respecting the design of your body. See which model is best suited for your biotope:
Pants Flare–this is a model that is back in fashion in recent seasons. With the wider leg below the knee, this type of pants are great for women with hips more topping and seeking balance in visual. The ideal bar height is one that hides the entire shoe.
Skinny Jeans–this is the model that became popular in Brazil, since your appearance fell in taste of Brazil. Because it is completely set to the body, the skinny model is indicated for those who are with the balanced body, with everything in place, or skinny you want win “volume”.
Capri pants-this is a model with the shortest bar, usually used tripe. These pants is better suited for tall women, but the shorties can also use it, always accompanied by a good high heels, always leaving the instep evidenced.
Straight Pants-this is one of the most traditional models and that goes well in most women. Care must be taken so that she’s not even very fair, not too wide. The fit is everything in this model, it should be perfect, without tugging.