How to Choose Mountain Bike Helmet

Mountain bike helmets – the life on the trail

Mountain bike helmets are nowadays no longer indispensable to the mountain biking. And that way, when you consider the breakneck speed, partly on the road, helmets are perfect for the mountain bikers on rocky and root-heavy trails. Depending on the application area exist in different variants of helmets: shell helmets for race – and all-mountain oriented cyclist, full face helmets or Full face helmet for downhillers and free riders and special helmets for dirt bikers and BMX riders (see The entire essential characteristic is common: your norm tested and thus reliable shock absorption in crashes. The differences are in the construction and the equipment details.


Mountain bike helmets for every area of application

Except for using a nearly similar glider the ambitious up-hill racer and a downhiller have nothing in common. The consequence is that their headgear is therefore very different. Classic mountain bike helmets for race – and all-mountain oriented cyclists get a shell construction, which is quite similar to a road bike helmet. They are made mostly with a focus on weight reduction and cover only the skull. Their inner shell made of hard foam ensures reliable attenuation of impact down. An important aspect of shell helmets is a sufficient number of vents, which guarantee the fresh air intake on inducing tours. A removable splash guard provides protection from rain and low hanging branches. Shell helmets for bikers are compatible with cycling glasses to protect from insects and biting headwind. Flat-seam-wheel caps fit under his helmet and protect head from cool off like ears. Read more on

In addition, accessories belong to the indispensable equipment for the downhiller and mountain biker. Full face helmet also offers protection of the shock absorption of the skull for the face area. The outer shell of the helmet covers the entire head and saves only a viewing window. So it is also against dust, stones and mud, you wear a full face helmet with goggles. A screwed-down visor protects low-hanging branches and undergrowth. Its weight and vent decide about the comfort of a full face helmet. Because it can be quickly very warm under such a helmet, a functioning system of ventilation openings is important. Outer shells give the helmet a low weight and high stability made of carbon. Special helmets exist also for dirt bikes and BMX cycling. The half shell helmets offer a balance of advanced head protection and ventilation. City helmets exist for the city area, which are similar in their construction of the shell helmets for bikers.


What is to keep in mind when purchasing a mountain bike helmets?

General function equipment in the field of sports: no sufficient functionality without optimal fit. A mountain bike helmet should be selected so that he slips in the face, nor when wearing uncomfortable presses. In addition to the comfort are the weight of the helmet, the quality and the effectiveness of the ventilation system.