How to Choose Male Sunglasses

The Brazilian summer is cruel and unforgiving. In addition to the obligatory sunscreen, anyone who wants to survive the climate of our country should protect the view with a good old sunglasses. However, finding a piece that looks nice and reflects your personality is not such an easy task.
First you must know the right shape of your face. Then, understand which ideal accessory that balances emphasize their quality and balance their defects. Maintaining a harmonious appearance makes all the difference here, Thinking about it, MHM has prepared a guide to help you buy an ideal fashion men’s sunglasses for your face type. Connects:
Square Face
For a more square face the tip is to bet on glasses with curvilinear, round or oval frames. The idea is to avoid glasses in the form of a square or with very straight angles at the tips, since they will exaggerate the angles of your face
Round Face
For those who have a rounded face, the tip is to bet on more square or rectangular frames that will leave the face looking slimmer and more straight. The frames should have the same width of your face, but you bet on thicker stems or larger tips, like the traditional wayfarer.
Oval Face
Almost all frames look good on an oval face. The best options are the most rectangular or geometric shapes that will add right angles and smooth the curves of oval faces. Try to avoid too many great glasses for your face. They’ll make your face look smaller.
Heart Face
Type of face with wider forehead and thin chin. The more square frames will also work cool, but try not to cover the apples on your face too much. Look for those glasses with the straighter top and the rounded bottom. Bet on the aviator type.
Triangular Face
With the square chin and the thinner forehead, you need to balance the proportions of your face. One tip is the glasses that have frame only the top.