How to Choose Camping Mat

How to buy a better mattress camping?
9 keys to choosing your mattress camping.
1.From a priority to your needs. Currency if it is more important than the comfort, price, durability, weight or special features.
2.Consider the soil. If campgrounds especially on soft ground or pine needles, you can opt for a thinner mattress and base your choice of insulation capacity, price or special features. For hard ground, rocks, winter hikes and backs tired or a little thicker mats fit require.
3.Consider how much you load in your backpack. If the backpack is heavy, better mind the weight and size of the mattress camping, taking one that for example are 3/4 long of your body – and adding dirty clothes or other material to isolate the part not covered. If you somehow spared the weight, you can opt for a full mattress vice versa.

4.Choose the mattress by evaluating the climate! If camping in winter you can put a layer of self inflating mattress foam below, gaining comfort, heat/insulation and versatility.
5.Keep in mind your height! If your height is 170cm, a mat of 210cm will be excessive, otherwise a very light long mattress 150cm, when cleaning lamps without climbing on a chair …
6.Think about what kind of sleep you. If you sleep always also a “piece of paper” may be fine, but if you wake up even the flight of a butterfly an ultra-thin might be a bad choice according to Sportingology.
7.Camp in two? Well, there are the mats, and snuggling is always nice.
8.If you buy in the store, try before you buy – pump it up! – and even home pump it up to its maximum and leave it so a couple of days for leaks. If you buy online, do this just got the parcel so that we can take advantage of the guarantee.
9.Controls the size of your tent! Tents techniques often are small, but maybe you bought a mattress XL …