How to Choose an Avalanche Transceiver

More safety on the mountain tour with a reliable avalanche transceiver

Whether skiing or mountaineering, whoever is traveling in avalanche areas, avalanche short transceiver should never be left at home. The avalanche transceiver is used for locating avalanche and can be life-saving in case of emergency. In the case of an avalanche the victim can be the beacon target and precisely located. For anyone who would like not to test his luck, include in addition to the probe, the avalanche shovel and avalanche backpack with a beacon on all cases!


Such avalanche search device work?

An advance: avalanche beacons should always be worn directly to the body. If the accident occurs, you can always be sure that you always have the avalanche transceiver.

Avalanche transceivers have a transmitting and a receiving mode. In transmitting mode, the transceiver sends a signal at regular intervals. This signal is standardized according to ETS 300718 on the frequency of 457KHz and can be so easily detected by each beacon.

In the search operation, quickly and easily the avalanche transceiver can be activated in the event of an emergency, to determine the exact location of the victim. So the victims’ location precision can be tracked, without losing valuable time. In addition to the beacon, passive systems can be wired from RECCO. These reflectors have the advantage that they are already incorporated with some functional clothing. However, these reflectors are not tracked by transceivers, but can be detected only by professional mountain rescue teams.


One must master high quality avalanche transceivers?

When an avalanche burial happen, every second counts. Already after a few minutes the victim’s chances of survival drop dramatically. Therefore you must rely on avalanche beacons in any case. But don’t worry, a modern avalanche offers everything for a successful rescue of avalanche.

The risk of an avalanche should never be underestimated! Therefore you must take the avalanche transceiver on any tour in the avalanche area, because in the event of an emergency, it can decide between life and death.


Reliable, handy and precise: the avalanche transceiver

As already mentioned, quick action is needed at a burial. For this reason, a transceiver should be easy to use. So you must scourge it around in a predicament not with overly-complicated handling and receives a decisive time advantage.

A high transmission and reception range are of course also very important for an avalanche transceiver. Depending on the device, the range is between 20 and 40 meters. This range should be less than never, because as an exact location is unnecessarily complicated.

A factor should not be underestimated: the beacon should be small, light and handy. Because you always have the LVS on tour, it should not fail unnecessarily chunky and heavy. Also, a compact system is much easier handling.

Modern avalanche beacons also have very low energy consumption. This ensures a high service life and a long battery life time. However, batteries should always be checked before a tour. It is safe in case of accidental against all eventualities.