How to Care for Ski Clothes

Ski fur accessories

Ski skins, to cutting skins and ready-made skins are existential important ski touring. For this reason exists also a large amount of useful accessories. In addition to maintenance and repair products, meaningful additions to the skins, spare parts and accessories for storage and storage exist. Especially Black Diamond offers a big assortment of accessories for use on ski tours.


Like any high-quality piece of equipment should the driver also skins for skis regularly maintain. On the one hand, this means after each exit carefully to clean the fur for coat and adhesive to stay efficient. On the other hand, the driver must check them regularly for damage and repair if necessary. This includes products such as skin adhesive, Velcro attachments, metal loops or ski tips, which he can use to replace defective parts exist. Also the regular impregnation of the sliding surfaces is one of the grooming, because protected from moisture they tend less to the icing and have dirt and moisture by itself.

Supplements and accessories

Harschigem snow and icy surfaces in the Summit area ski tourers do well to have crampons. Because such as skins, also the iron are a part of the safety equipment. Belt, which slow the ski so that they’re not lost in case of a fall not under the snow are not directly ski fur belongs, but still important in deep snow.

The storage of hides

Whether in the backpack or the summer, the tour heads want to be kept carefully. A bag should prevent that the climbing AIDS get wet or dirt for them to penetrate. Also on tour in the backpack, a fur bag helps to avoid contact with other pieces of equipment with the sticky inner surfaces of the furs.

Dry storage and regular maintenance

After the departure of the rider hangs the skins to dry and cleans it carefully. The storage should be also light and moisture. The driver with a regular maintenance to ensure a long service life and a first-class function, because well groomed is half the battle!