How to Care for Bike Chain

Bicycle chain

The drive is an integral part of every bicycle. It consists of the crank and the front chainrings, derailleurs, chain, the sprocket (cassette) and the rear derailleur. Also the shifter on the handlebar is one widely to the drive. Drives vary depending on the field of application in engineering and construction.

The differences: road bike and mountain bike

of a bicycle drivetrain is optimized for precise shifting, closely graded course, maximum performance and minimal weight. Mountain bike stability and durability, resistance to dirt and moisture, and also light in weight are on the priority list at the top. In addition to the design of the components, especially the ratios as a major difference between MTB and Renner’s fall eye. While racing hold “thick” course for the road, the translation at MTBs is designed for long and steep climbs on natural paths. 2 mostly cranks are used for racing bikes, MTBs use 1, 2 or even 3 cranks. Cassettes are on the road normally 10 – or 11-speed built up. 7 for the MTB (downhill) up to 11-speed versions, 1 x 11-building is currently popular.

Would…: the bicycle chain

the chain is responsible for the transmission and precise shifting. The individual chain links are riveted with bolts. To cut a new chain, special tool is necessary. Alternatives can be found in chain locks which serve as fasteners for chains. The links of the chain are nickel plated, this makes them durable and slippery. For optimal function, a chain requires regular brushing and care in the form of chain oil or ceramic or wax-based lubricants.
The bicycle chain well oiled ensures ideal power transmission

The art of correct translation

must pay attention to prevent wear and tear, the driver on the proper Chainline. The chain should be stretched from leaf to pinion never diagonally, how of, for example, when the combination large (the chainring) + large (pinion) or small + small is the case. Generally: easier translations conserve the legs in the long term, however, do not feel should arise, “in emptiness” to occur.

Gear lever, lever and brake lever when different types of circuit

the control lever to the brake lever hide in racing bikes, so that the driver must release it at any time. Mountain bikes change the gears shifter or in some cases using the rotation handle. Lever and front / rear derailleurs from Shimano are incompatible with the components from SRAM as work their cables with different transmission ratios.

Selection, care and maintenance

as with other bicycle parts: the end justifies the means. Derailleurs are available for every application and every budget. More precisely, these data are known, the better the selection can be narrow. Who renewed the drive train, should lie back and some of the budget for bicycle tool chain, chain and other component-specific tools. For regular maintenance, cleaning and care extend the shelf-life of the material and help him achieve maximum performance.