How to Buy a Blazer?

Face it, gentlemen: the blazer is a gift of God to humanity! Why? Because it exudes elegance and is easy to wear!
This is a key element of the male wardrobe that evokes a “sense of ease and luxury when combined with other basics like chinos, oxford shirts and sweaters with cables”.
If you do not already have a well-fitting blazer, I suggest you move quickly to action. This is the first thing to check on your shopping list ELEGANCE MEN.

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The History of the Blazer

Once upon a time, sailors, sportsmen and small school …
The blazer we know today comes down to two different jackets, the first being the model worn by the Royal Navy.
According to legend, in 1837, when the captain of HMS Blazer learned that Queen Victoria would inspect his boat, he dressed his crew in blue smocks and white stripes and a short cloak crossed navy.
Queen so appreciated these outfits she decreed that all the British navy had to use it. Blazer crossed two slots is the direct heir of the short cloak of the frigate Blazer: he lay, was decorated with six golden buttons and joined the uniformed officers.
It is also said that the blazer is the heir of the jackets worn by members of the Lady Margaret Boat Club of Cambridge. They were a fiery red that would have given them their name Blazer, “flaming”.
Under the reign of Edward VII, the blazer made ​​uniform student private college. It was worn with a badge or crest on the breast pocket, a cap or straw hat.

The Advantages of the Blazer

The blazer combines the shabby chic benefits!
Few things are essential in man’s wardrobe, with a few exceptions such as socks and underwear, or as a navy blue blazer. Versatile garment, formal or casual, it can be worn over a shirt, without a tie.

Ideas for Man Look with a Blazer

You can also wear it with:

  • A jean that washing is lighter than the jacket;
  • A chino or white jeans for a very modern look;
  • Blue pants (with or without stripes/tiles) or red;
  • Gray pants works very well too!

The popularity of navy blazer is such that fashion professionals are planning to create a new model every season to satisfy customers. Why? Well because this garment is ideal: a garment that is both chic and timeless.
It is perfect for overlap with other clothes in winter as be worn over a bright linen shirt in summer. Well worn, it can be a simple way to add individuality to your outfit. It will be perfect for a classic and timeless outfit.
This is a very good investment for your wardrobe, a well maintained blazer that can last you for years. The blazer transcends seasons! 

The Points of Attention When Buying a Blazer

Popular and ubiquitous, it is available in many models with different features for each of them. The oversupply of blazer does not make the choice.
If this is your first purchase, do as with any jacket, keep it simple! I recommend you start with a basic model to wear it all year.
Some features to look for buying:

  • Notched lapels; 
  • Two buttons; 
  • Navy blue ; 
  • Beautiful lining; 
  • Cut for your figure; 
  • lightweight wool. 

A Tip to the Buttons on Your Blazer

The standard is sold blazer with brass buttons that are intended, according to the story, to be replaced by those bearing the family coat of arms, initials or insignia of a military regiment.
These small details (generally) no longer apply today of course! Although some exceptions persist …
Therefore, you can:

  • Keep gold buttons-shields;
  • Replace them with silver buttons;
  • Browse the selection buttons blazer for a haberdashery near you.

Looks of Ideas with a Blazer

The chino pants suit/blazer must be chosen carefully. To do this, simply pay attention to the cut of the pants.
It should not be:

  • Too long; 
  • Too big; 
  • Archaic cup; 
  • Discolored (too many machine washes). 

The picture below shows a combination blazer cross/chino rather well done. A classic!

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