How Do Recessed Lighting with LED Strips

Hoses or led strips are small led lamps grouped and in sequence, like the flasher who put in trees at Christmas. Are ideal to create recessed lighting in furniture or linings, because they create an effect of continuous light and linear, that is, spread of homogeneous way throughout your extension.

It is important that the tapes do not become apparent, to avoid what they call more attention than light itself.

What is the difference between led and hoses led strips

Led hoses have cylindrical format and a bit larger than the tapes, which are thinner and plateaus. So the hoses work well in liners or other places of greater extension, while the tapes are the best option for smaller furniture or other locations with many curves, where the hose would be very obvious by your size or can’t stay as bent as the tape according to historyaah.

How to operate the led strips

The operation of hoses and led strips is very simple, simply connect them to the mains through a source to work. They can also be connected to switches, like lamps, and even receive a dimmer to adjust the brightness or be triggered by remote control.

Variety of colors of led tape

The color of the light of the led strips can be yellowish or white, white being the best to show the real colors of objects, and the yellow best when you want a more cozy and intimate setting. There are also many other colors, and even a model that is changing color, known as RGB. For decoration, it is best to use white or light yellow, that are more discreet and less tiring.

The advantage of lighting with led lamps

Led lighting has always the advantage of spending less energy than other types of lamps. A 5W led bulb has the same capacity for lighting a 25W incandescent bulb, i.e. 5 times cheaper. In addition, they don’t heat up your head or the environment as incandescents and the Dichroic, for example.
And in the case of tapes, other advantages are the small size and easy to hide and the constant brightness throughout your extension, unlike tubular fluorescent, which would be the alternative to do recessed lighting in linear spans.

Effect generated by the recessed lighting

Embed the lighting is always interesting because it is much more pleasant to see the light of indirect way, that is, understand the brightness but without obfuscate the view to look directly into the lamp. The environment is more inviting and more comfortable.
Another consequence of the recessed lighting and highlight recovery is the place where it is installed, be it liner, a mobile or a Panel on the wall. For this, including, it is advisable not to embed lighting in many places of the same environment and much less of the same mobile, because while highlighting many visual elements is polluted by calling attention to everything at the same time.

How to install led Ribbon

Here is a video with detailed explanation of led tape installation within a mobile:
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