How Can Catch Carp in Great Lakes

The Great Lakes in Germany are an excellent potential for giant carp. In the waters of CARP wide range of natural food that promotes growth. But in so great lakes a zero number is the search of good fishing spots and the catching of fish often, because there are sections of waters, which are literally shunned by carp.

So, anglers have to find suitable fishing grounds. CARP love shallow waters in depths of 1 to 5 meters with an intact underwater vegetation, are often populated by the fish for a lifetime. In large natural lakes or reservoirs shallow water zones are distributed and perfectly suited to the CARP fishing over the entire body of water. A depth map is recommended to find the bodies, which will be explored later. Here at you can get more different models of the fishing skills.
Boat fishing with a depth sounder is even more effective, to find suitable depth of fish in large lakes. In addition to the shallow water zones is also the wind direction of importance. There is ablandiger you should seek better wind on the opposite bank of the Lakes fishing spots. Sand and coves you should fish on the side facing the wind because there food particles are driven.In addition, the wind pushes in summer oxygen-richer and warm surface water to these places that are frequented by carp.
On a flat area of fishing by the wind, you can begin with the side facing feeding hemp until the Boilie. In the shallow water zones in the Great Lakes, it is important economical to feed, because often water birds make here about the food. Remedy as a nightly feed design.