How Big Are Tent Pads at Campsites Footprints (21)

Footprints against sharp edges and cuts

Who himself once a high-quality tent with lightweight rods and extremely dense tissue bought, who knows what he has in mind. And damaging the piece overnight, whether through a neglected branch or a sharp-edged piece of rock, offered by many manufacturers footprints or so-called footprints. In our shop you will find offerings from other manufacturers that provide the right footprint for the respective plans of their tents, Hilleberg, MSR and Exped.

Like a footprint can be useful

During heavy rainfall the ground swells up himself quickly with water, so that humidity in some places again comes out of the ground. So must the tent tarp not only hold the rain, but withstand the groundsheet of the dampness from below – and this for hours. Here, the water column and coating of the tent floor so comes to fruition, which is effectively supported by an extra footprint. The tent pad should correspond to the floor of the tent.
Some manufacturers narrower this plan by approximately 10 cm is expressed on all sides, so that no puddles on the footprint through reduced water form and seep under the tent. Even in the dry, footprints provide an indispensable service: pressure points caused by the body weight or the sleep movements of people, create a burden on the underlying material.
Also here pushing in between a ground cloth, so that the tent pad directly on rough rock or scratch a forest floor rubs. In addition to the above mechanical loads the footprints the tent also protect against dirt and sticky stains (such as tree resin).

More ways to use footprints

The tent pad can serve even more creative mind as dark, waterproof tarpaulin: many footprints are equipped with sturdy grommets where the tent pad fix, or span but as tarp with cords can with pegs. So, you can ever build a Sun or a provisional roof. Who now want to save weight on the entire tour, can span also his outer tent over the footprint in mild weather and renounce his inner tent. In this case it is protected at night but little wind and drafts, this variant may be reviewed so carefully.