How and Where to Use 4 Person Camping Tents

Four man tents for camping, trekking and expeditions

The 4-person tents outdoors already belong to the larger models. Because they must accommodate a small group, they are of course slightly heavier and bulkier in the pack size of persons as their relatives with space for 1-3. They have also mostly a large footprint for Alpine use. Finally, it is hard to find a flat surface that is large enough for a 4-person tent in the mountains.

Where are 4 person tents used mainly?

Are mainly in the area of camping, festivals or events at home tents with a capacity of four and more. Of course there are some trekking tents for 4 persons, this is the exception but clearly, because even small trekking groups usually with several smaller tents are better served. The exceptions are still group tents for expedition use. Here come in the base camps of the 7000 and 8000 often 4-person tents and even greater to the usage. < br / > of course you must not four of them sleep in a 4-person tent, many campers use also two generous space of these group tents. You have just significantly more space for luggage and to sleep as in a 2 or 3 person tent. Then, enough space is also guaranteed for longer camping mats and you can’t get up at night in the way. 4-person tents have mostly larger vestibules, where not only luggage and tent accessories store is, but where you can also prepare food with his outdoor cooker. If the apse is large enough, here also the sleeping bag can be dry rain-protected while on the go.

What types of four-man tents are there?

Basically three tent forms are used in the outdoors: the tunnel tent, dome tent (called also igloo tent) and the geodesists tent. Older tent shapes such as round tents (which look like native American tipis) and first tents (which take the form of a roof firsts) are hardly used they are used mostly for bigger tents. Who favored the classical forms, is still 4 person tents at some few manufacturers. < br / > the 4-person tunnel tent has the shape of a half pipe. Through this form, the tent can be quickly built and have very steep sides. Therefore, the tunnel tent has the best ratio of usable interior volume to the base. As long as it is in the wind, this 4 man tent even if strong wind is very stable. < br / > the 4-person dome tent is being constructed with at least two poles intersect at the highest point and put up so the tent. Advantage of this 4 person tent is that you can quickly build it and also still around can help. It stands alone in an emergency and must not be tensioned. A Geodesist is similar in construction, but it has considerably more slack intersections, making this 4-person tent is stable under wind.