Home Office Should Be Well Organized and Illuminated

Home-assembled office should keep pens, papers and other objects of constant use in easily accessible place

Making the commitment to work from home has its advantages. Flexibility of schedules and the opportunity to perform in a more informal environment count as one of the main benefits. As everyone knows, it takes a lot of discipline to carry out activities without losing focus, so structuring a home office appropriately can mean a guarantee of success for those who use their own home as a workplace.
“A very well organized place, calm so that the person can concentrate and with the necessary tools to develop the work are important characteristics of a home office”, says the interior designer Fabíola Martins.The recommendation of the professional is to create an environment where the professional does not escape the routine.”It’s necessary to wake up and prepare as if you were really going to work for a company.It is important to respect interval schedules in order to perform the function in the best possible way,”he points out.
As the name says, the home office is an office in the home.It seems obvious, but it is critical to understand that the workplace has to replicate what would be one within a company, but on a smaller scale.”Stationery materials like sheets, pens, stamps and other instruments should be available,”says Fabíola.In addition, you need a desk or countertop to put the computer and printer.
Well organized environment – Drawers with hanging folders are very useful items in an office in the home, according to the professional.”Cabinets with shelves also make organizing documents and projects much easier,”adds Fabíola.Another issue that should not be forgotten in the project are the Internet access points and telephony.
The designer reminds us that the trend today is to use a totally planned language for the home office.”For this environment, the niche proposal is used a lot, which, besides complementing the decoration, are also functional, serving to place books for consultation, for example,”he points out.
Colors – The designer’s suggestion is to use light colors on the walls.”Aggressive tones should be avoided because a lot of time is spent inside the home-installed office,” says Fabíola, who suggests applying wallpaper to leave the environment more bare.”Timber furniture in medium tones for the dark ones referring to an old library conveys a sense of warmth,”he suggests.
Because it is a domestic environment, some factors must be in line with the proposal of home decoration, according to the professional.The environment, according to her, may have some feature of the residence as the color of the wall, furniture or even the fabric of the chair.
Lighting – The issue of ventilation is key, as is attention to the clarity of the location.”The space must have the greatest possible illumination.It can be made using economical white light bulbs.If you want to light something specific, the ideal is to use an LED spot to focus on a wallpaper, niche, frame or other option, “he says.
Plants – Anyone who wants to put plants in the environment, can feel comfortable.”I like this idea to give life to the environment and take some artificial air,”suggests the professional.However, the designer warns:one must be careful with exaggerations.
Cozy Chairs – In addition to a spacious table, the chair should be quite comfortable.It needs to be ergonomically correct, with height adjustment, armrest and provide a way for the person to type properly.”Those that have a relax system are great options, because the worker is not always in the same position, has more mobility in the back,”says the designer.
Because the office is in-house, it does not have to be as informal as that of a company.”The chair can be of the type peeled (with backsplash), leather or coated with a more stripped fabric, such as patterns with stripes and chess, which returned with everything in the decoration,”says Fabíola.